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5G Innovation day

17.6.2019, Sweden

Welcome to take part in 5G forestry Innovation Day

The forest industry accounts for approx. 10% of the employment, exports, turnover and added value in Swedish industry. Almost 90 percent of our pulp and paper production and close to 70 percent of sawn timber is exported. This places Swedish forest industry third in the world's exporters of these products.

Innovation and digitization of the industry is crucial to stay ahead of international competition. Research and technologies such as 5G and advanced networking will enable new use cases and possibilities to drive down cost, increase production adaptivity and generate new value streams.

On June 17th , we will bring the enterprises and organizations in forestry ecosystem together for a forestry 5G innovation day with networking, keynotes, and workshops:​


  • Support with innovation process​
  • Identifying challenges and possible solutions​
  • An arena for the ecosystem to grow​


This initiative is in collaboration between Bron Innovation, Mittuniversitetet, RISE, Telia and Tieto.​


Participation only by invitation and registration


10.00 - 10.20 Introduction

  • Welcome, session overview and agenda 
  • Pre-task: Expectations for the session  

10.20 - 11.30 Keynotes (10-15 min each)

  • Keynote by Niclas Bergman, Head of Enterprise Strategy Telia Sweden “5G and its capabilities for Industry”
  • Keynote by Mattias O'Nils, Professor and Head of STC research center Mittunivesitet "How can IoT and 5G create new opportunities in forestry and process industry?”
  • Keynote by Gert Andersson, Programchef Driftsystem Skogsforsk "Forestry need for 5G"
  • Keynote on XR and CX by Ksenia Avetisova, Head of Enhanced Reality Lab at Tieto "Immersive experiences as a key to superb customer experience" 

11.30 - 12.30 Lunch

12.30 - 14.30 Ideation

  • Split into groups representing different companies
  • Each team defines a challenge
  • Ideation: brainstorming ideas and how to apply a combination of technologies to solve a challenge
  • Prioritize strongest concepts


14.45 - 15.00 Coffee break

15.00 - 16.00 Summary and closing

  • Each team presents their prio idea 
  • Thank you's and next steps

16.00 - Mingling and networking

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