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Software Developer, Automotive & Smart Devices, Wrocław

1. What did you do when you were outside Tieto(EVRY):
I was an embedded software developer, mainly working on U-boot and Linux kernel.

2. What surprised you when you came back/ what has changed:
The biggest change for me was the new office. I left Tieto just before the move was starting. In my opinion that's a positive change, new office is more comfortable and nicer.

3. Say what you missed the most:
Without a doubt I missed coffee-cornes the most. Especially those with snacks served during the meetings. :)

4. I came back because:
Besides snacks on coffe-corners I missed oportunities that TietoEVRY gaves. I know it sounds like a coaching speach, but what I have in mind is the variety of projects apearing in TietoEVRY. I realized that I prefer diversity in my job tasks more than a long-term, inert project. During my few years here (in total) I worked in four different big projects. Although all of them concentrated around more or less similar technological stack, each of them made me learn a bit of new things.

5. What’s cool about coming back:
The cool thing is that feeling I had, like those 2 years were only some kind of long term student trip. When I came back and met people that I alread knew I felt like I just returned to my studying group after some longer absence. :) It clearly boosts self-confidence in those first days in new-old job which always are a bit stressful.

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