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Radio, Senior Test Engineer, Szczecin

1. Your boss/colleagues reaction when they found out you were coming back:
Before I left TietoEVRY, my boss told me that if I would like to come back, he would always find a place for me..and he told the truth because when I came back, I came exactly to his team. :) In the meantime I met him a few times and he always told me that I should come back and that TietoEVRY was waiting for me.

2. What surprised you when you came back/ what has changed:
When I stared working in TietoEVRY in 2010, the company was quite stiff. Throughout the years I've observed some small changes but I was truly surprised when I came back - TietoEVRY has become open, no more old stiff rules. I stopped feeling like if I was at work - it feels like a second home.

3. I appreciate the most about TietoEVRY:
Openness, equality and diversity. We are the experts in our domains - what we are interested in is just our knowledge and passion. Other aspects, especially personal, are not important, we are all equal.

4. I came back because:
I missed the atmosphere, the feeling that I am a valued specialist, a part of something big. What's more there is a lot of sports freaks (I mean active athletes not only fans) so we can talk about our sport achievements while drinking coffee :)

5. What’s cool about coming back?
The feeling like if I was back from a trip - I knew most of the people and I was treated like if I was here all the time. Additionally me and my two colleagues formed a team which won Testing Cup - the polish Software Testing Championships!

Have you considered coming back to us? Don't hesitate and check return rules and benefits here.

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