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Senior Software Engineer, Automotive & Smart Devices, Wrocław

1. What did you do when you were outside Tieto(EVRY):
I worked in company which provides telematics and telemetry solutions for their customers. I was responsible for products based on embedded Linux.

2. Your boss/colleagues first words when they found out you were coming back:
After my leave I had contact with my colleagues from TietoEVRY. When I decided to come back, everyone knew about it before my first day.

3. What surprised you when you came back/ what has changed:
I noticed that office has changed, open space has been split into separate areas for customer and kitchens were isolated from the workplaces. Some of my colleagues leaves company in the meantime but I also met people that came back.

4. Say what you missed the most:
Morning coffee and friendly atmosphere at work. Ability to work in different areas for different customers.

5. I appreciate the most about TietoEVRY:
TietoEVRY offers friendly working environment and perfect work-life balance. Open culture is the key value for company.

Have you considered coming back to us? Don't hesitate and check return rules and benefits here.

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