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First Line Manager, Cloud & Infrastructure, Szczecin

1. What did you do when you were outside Tieto(EVRY):
Shortly, similar things like in TietoEVRY before. I used to work as Project Manager. During the time my role evolved into program management – I was focused more on staffing and offering for one of our customers.
2. What surprised you when you came back/ what has changed:
From my perspective, I see much more interactive collaboration with colleagues from sales department. I would say that in my previous experience delivery and sales teams were not close-collaborating – now it’s much improved.
3.Say what you missed the most:
Colleagues from HR😊.
4. I appreciate the most about TietoEVRY:
Mature organization, processes, and overall culture of work here.
5. I came back because:
I’ve seen a good opportunity to open new chapter in my career and step into new business area. In previous company I haven’t such opportunity as the portfolio was concentrated on single domain. Beside the fact I joined to new team to learn new things in new domain, coming back is unique… You start “new job” in place where you know a lot of people (what is very positive) but now have new, different perspective because of wider experience. If you have such possibility, definitely worth to try it!

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