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The day of the Open Source Technology

with TietoEVRY, CNCF and Cilium.

30.11.2021 / Bergen, Norway

The landscape of cloud native technologies are rabidly growing every year. TietoEVRY with it's partners have long experience navigating this landscape and picking the best technology for the task at hand.

Join us for this event to learn what is new in the Cloud Native and Kubernetes ecosystem on Networking, Observability, Monitoring, and Security. 

November 30th at 14:00 till 18:00 CET
Folke Bernadottes vei 40
5147 Fyllingsdalen

We have the following agenda for you:

  • CNCF and Open Source - Priyanka Sharma, the CNCF President
  • What is eBPF - Liz Rice, CNCF Steering Committee chair and Chief Open Source Officer of Isovalent
  • Cilium project - Thomas Graf, Creator of Cilium project and CTO of Isovalent.
  • TietoEvry Open source use cases with Cilium project;
    • Endre Karlson - Senior SRE, Data Platforms
    • Hans Kristian Flaatten - SRE Practice Lead, Digital Consulting
  • Networking and drinks

Please use your business email to register to the event here. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 



Priyanka Sharma
Executive Director at CNCF
Priyanka is the General Manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She was previously the director of Cloud Native Alliances at GitLab Inc., where she built the developer evangelism team that participates regularly in the cloud native community.
Liz Rice
Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent
Liz Rice is Chief Open Source Officer at eBPF pioneers Isovalent, the original creators of the Cilium project. Previously, she was VP Open Source Engineering with cloud native security specialists Aqua Security, and looked after projects including Starboard, Trivy, Tracee, kube-hunter and kube-bench
Thomas Graf
Founding Member @CiliumProject
Thomas Graf is Co-Founder & CTO at Isovalent and creator of the Cilium project. Before this, Thomas has been a Linux kernel developer at Red Hat for many years. Over the more than 15 years working on the Linux kernel, Thomas was involved in a variety of networking and security subsystems.
Hans Kristian Flaatten
Principal Consultant and Practice Lead, TietoEVRY
Experienced SRE- and Platform Engineering Team Lead with proven track record of leading engineering teams that build and operate Cloud Native and Kubernetes-based application platforms for customers. Principal Consultant and DevOps Practice Lead for TietoEVRY
Endre Karlson
Lead SRE at Data Platforms, TietoEVRY
Exerienced advisor and implementor in building systems and platforms for services using automation, cloud, cloud-native technology and kubernetes/containers.

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Hans Kristian Flaatten

Principal Architect Consultant

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