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Importance of data in the pharmacy world

Fireside Chat Tech Series | Session 3

16.7.2021 - 30.6.2022, Online
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As healthcare moves towards value-based care, the main focus of the Healthcare industry is shifting to improving patient outcomes while the containing costs involved in service delivery. Access to right data at the right point time, along with gaining relevant insights, is becoming critical for organizations to achieve this objective. The need to timely access pertinent information is fueling the need for healthcare organizations to adopt Data Management initiatives.

In this Fireside Chat, we have invited experts from leading Pharmacy Benefit Management organizations to share their thoughts on importance of data in today’s changing world. We will also discuss how they are leveraging data as part of their growth strategy to service their customers better.

Details of this session are as below:

Speakers: Carlos Anton, Vice President, Pharmpix Corporation; Sanjay Joshi, Vice President, MedImpact Healthcare Systems

Moderator: Srinivas Iyengar, Head of Healthcare & Insurance - US business, TietoEVRY India

We will look forward to your participation in this exciting chat. Please note that registrations are free.

The Fireside Chat Tech Series was started in March 2021 and aims to cover a wide range of industry topics shaping the healthcare segment. Throughout the series, our experts will bring in areas of interests and discuss topics on technology and innovation, strategy, operational transformation and emerging sectors. The discussion will also cover the latest developments and their adoption in today's rapidly changing business environment.


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Srinivas Iyengar

Head of Healthcare & Insurance (US Business), TietoEVRY India

Date and place

16.7.2021 - 30.6.2022
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