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What we offer you

We believe that one needs a proper foundation and care, in order to excel both professionally and personally. We give you – our plan, our promise and our offer – TietoEVRY style.

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Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at TietoEVRY. With us, you can make your mark and shape the future.

Recruitment Team

Skills trending

Digital Consulting

Become a trusted advisor and help our customers make well-informed strategic decisions and execute digital transformation initiatives.

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Help our customers by combining leading frameworks for front- and back-end development with integration across multiple industries.

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Ensure that customers secure their digital assets by helping them understand, prioritize and manage risks associated with digitalisation.

Software Development

Help customers by combining leading frameworks for front- and back-end development with integration across multiple industries.

Data, AI and Analytics

Help our customers create a data strategy, clean data in a modern data warehouse or gain value from data through AI/Machine learning.

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Meet our people

Shraddha Raju, Software Engineer

"I joined TietoEVRY as a fresher from Campus batch, it's been over a year that I have been here and I have already got multiple opportunities to enhance my technical skills and self-confidence. My team has always supported and encouraged me in all aspects. I am thankful to my team and TietoEVRY."

Aysha Minaz, Associate Business Analyst

"At present I am working as a Trainee Business Analyst at TietoEVRY. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many teams and mentors, who have helped me build necessary skills and explore more in the domain. The best things about working at TietoEVRY are the amazing work culture, flexibility, the little fun activities we have and engagement with our colleagues; all these bring a lot of positivity in one’s working style."

Karthik N S, Senior Manager, Business Analysis

"I have been at TietoEVRY for the last 10 years working with customers in Norway, Finland, Sweden and USA. What motivates me to come to office everyday are the people that I work with and the technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics that I work on. If you are looking for a company that is exciting to work at and want to work on leading technologies, TietoEVRY is the company that you have to come and look at."

Pallavi Bhat, Product Development Manager

"As a Product Development Manager, I am responsible for building high performing teams and enabling them to build great products. I have already experienced a continuous learning culture and encouraging team environment within 5 months of my onboarding. The culture of Network ways of working and Servant leadership at TietoEVRY is enhancing my leadership skills and adding tremendous value to my career path."

Sameer Madan, Head of Telecom

"My work is primarily focused on governance and management of various functions within our customer deliveries. I am also involved with various initiatives to bring increased efficiency through automation and lean practices to help our customer become ready for future changes. The opportunities to work with varied assignments, value of respecting everyone and culture of encouraging autonomy in decision-making is unique at TietoEVRY."

Shreya Jain, Senior Technical Specialist

"I am a ServiceNow developer. I do development on the ServiceNow Platform and provide solutions to the clients. I am also involved in creating LLDs. The encouraging work culture of TietoEVRY helps me present my ideas openly during the meetings. I am also been encouraged to take up training programs well within my job. This gives me confidence to work hard and dedicatedly in my job."

Shikha Jaiswal, Senior Software Engineer

"I am working in the field of Public Cloud Azure, Oracle Cloud, Private/Hybrid Cloud as a Cloud Engineer. I have been working on Cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, DevOps and Oracle EBS for the last 5 yrs. TietoEVRY probably offers the best work life balance. I've got many opportunities to display my skills on multiple platforms. With the help of supportive colleagues, I feel empowered to shape my personal experience and chart my own career path."

Devika Sharma, Senior Software Engineer

I have been with TietoEVRY since 2014. I am proud to say that the experience I have gained is extraordinarily valuable. The opportunity of working on a variety of projects and the rigorous learning sessions helped me shape my career path. My seniors helped me broaden my technical skills and additional professional skills like customer management, decision-making and problem solving.

Divya Dhingra, Team Lead

Since joining TietoEVRY, I’ve experienced unprecedented leadership, valuable learning programs and a culturally diverse environment. I am grateful to work for such a dynamic organization. I am interested in the process of change and transformation and continuously get to explore new technologies and work with people from different countries and cultures who have varied skillsets and experiences.

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