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What we offer

Shape the future today.

There are plenty of taglines and clichés, trying to capture why you should join a certain company or buy a certain pair of shoes. That said, we are humble to the fact that no one, nor us, are perfect. But by having a strategy and a plan, we believe we will reach far in meeting our promise to employees. Our idea is that one needs a proper foundation and care, in order to excel both professionally and personally. We give you – our plan, our promise and our offer – TietoEVRY style.

Recruitment Team


Local Proximity. Global Capabilities.

The way that we operate and organize ourselves brings us close to our customers and our employees. This allows us to deliver large scale projects to some of the Nordic region’s largest companies, as well as specific solutions to some of the smallest. This in turn creates a variety of assigments which makes the workday dynamic and never dull.

Our local proximity allows us to get to know our customers first-hand and provide you with a friendly commuting experience and office environment, making us fast-paced and flexible – both from a business and people perspective. Our global capabilities enable job security and stability, allowing you to focus on what matters.

A community of Professionals. A community of Friends.


Our customers expect seamless digital solutions. This requires our teams to be equally seamless – therefore, we offer an environment focused on team-oriented work, collaboration and diversity. From one of our many local offices, you and your team will constantly interact across multi-digital, and often globa,l communities, which creates a creative and dynamic work environment.

Our team spirit is driven by trust and transparecy, which, in turn, enables an exceptional work/life balance. We provide the tools and freedom for you to organize your work and, more importantly, your life.

Read more about diversity and inclusion here. 

Favorable conditions. Great opportunities.


We believe that fast-paced, ever-changing business is an adventure and something that generates both energy and an opportunity for professional development.

To fully enjoy the ride, to be or to become a functional expert, to find it inspiring to be intellectually or competitively challenged and/or to embrace the latest technology, we believe favourable worklife conditions are required. We believe in providing conditions that fulfil your fundamental needs as a human, allowing you to be the adventurer we want you to be.

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