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Work with highly skilled and talented people from around the world. Through our diverse workforce we truly know the global market.

The way that we operate and organize ourselves brings us close to our customers and our employees. This allows us to deliver large-scale projects to some of the largest companies, as well as specific solutions to some of the smallest. This, in turn, creates a variety of assignments, which makes the workday dynamic and exciting.

At TietoEVRY, we're a team of professionals spread across many countries, working on the frontline of a wide range of industries. We have created a workplace that inspires, engages and delivers. We value a healthy work-life balance, entrepreneurship, diversity and a safe space to foster the idea generation. Do you want to be part of our team? Check out the kind of professionals we're looking for.

Recruitment Team

Trending Roles

Karthik N S, Healthcare and Insurance

"I have been at TietoEVRY for the last 10 years working with customers in Norway, Finland, Sweden and USA. What motivates me to come to office everyday are the people that I work with and the technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics that I work on. If you are looking for a company that is exciting to work at and want to work on leading technologies, TietoEVRY is the company that you have to come and look at."

Pallavi Bhat, Product Development

"As a Product Development Manager, I am responsible for building high performing teams and enabling them to build great products. I have already experienced a continuous learning culture and encouraging team environment within 5 months of my onboarding. The culture of Network ways of working and Servant leadership at TietoEVRY is enhancing my leadership skills and adding tremendous value to my career path."

Sameer Madan, Telecom

"My work is primarily focused on governance and management of various functions within our customer deliveries. I am also involved with various initiatives to bring increased efficiency through automation and lean practices to help our customer become ready for future changes. The opportunities to work with varied assignments, value of respecting everyone and culture of encouraging autonomy in decision-making is unique at TietoEVRY."

Divya Dhingra, Team Lead

Since joining TietoEVRY, I’ve experienced unprecedented leadership, valuable learning programs and a culturally diverse environment. I am grateful to work for such a dynamic organization. I am interested in the process of change and transformation and continuously get to explore new technologies and work with people from different countries and cultures who have varied skillsets and experiences.

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