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Digitalisation speeds up cancer diagnostics

Analysis of huge data sets enables healthcare-related predictions and cutting-edge innovations. Decreased lead times enable more time to focus on analytics, improving treatments.

Region Västra Götaland (RVG) became the first region in Sweden to set up a comprehensive and coordinated tool to support processes across its pathology units. The purpose of the digital overhaul was to streamline the process of diagnosing cancer diseases, secure the quality of tests and analysis and significantly slash waiting times from referral to response.

Under the agreement, Tieto digitalised RVG's pathology processes by implementing its comprehensive Patos solution. The agreement is valid for 10 years and is worth €46 million. It includes an option for RVG to extend the deal for another 10 years.

'We are carrying out a paradigm shift within clinical pathology in the region. No other pathology unit has previously coordinated the digitalisation of the whole production process together with the diagnostics. We are convinced that this will lead to significantly higher quality for our patients, who will no longer have to wait more than absolutely necessary for their test results,' stated Mikael Wintell, Organisational Developer within VGR’s healthcare division.

The Swedish government recently called on the country’s healthcare providers to improve the treatment of cancer diseases and reduce waiting times. Today, a patient has to wait one month on average between referral and starting the actual treatment. This is in part due to the time it takes to have a tissue sample analysed. The test result then serves as a guide for how to follow up on a patient, what treatments need to be applied and gives an idea of a patient's prognosis. By digitalising the process, patients receive their results sooner and it is possible to start potential treatments earlier.

'This is the key to more efficient cancer diagnostics. An accurate, precise and fast test result creates the prerequisites for making the treatment of cancer even more efficient,' stated Lars Lundgren, Director of Clinical Pathology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

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