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AI boosts value-based health and social care

Together with the City of Espoo, we have initiated a unique artificial intelligence (AI) experiment with the aim to achieve sustainable development in the society.

Aiming to proactively identify people who need services

'The aim of the experiment is to combine information assets that had previously been separate in order to form customer and service pathways. We hope to find out whether AI will enable us to identify residents who will need services at an earlier stage than we can now, while protecting the identities of individuals. In the future, it may be possible to allocate the city's resources more efficiently while improving the quality of life of individual residents, as they are offered preventive support,' said Tomas Lehtinen, Project Manager and Analyst at the Mayor's Office of the City of Espoo.

AI is used in this experiment to analyse Espoo's data, since that both makes the process faster than if a person did it manually. It also ensures information security. It takes around a month to train the AI for this task, after which the computer can calculate results in a matter of hours or even minutes.

The experiment is one of Espoo's investments in the Six City project, under which Finland's six largest cities are jointly developing smarter, more open services based on the Six City Strategy.

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