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Digital microinsurances enable access to healthcare

Uplift Mutuals is an Indian local non-profit organisation, which has emerged out of the need for access to quality healthcare at reasonable costs.

Under Uplift Mutuals' model, low-income families in the unorganised sector in India can share their health risks and get access to mutual microinsurance for financing medical treatments and hospital visits. Besides health insurance, the organisation also provides medical advice via telephone, and has even employed its own doctors who provide their services to patients free of charge.

We have been in contact with Uplift Mutuals since 2012. Working pro bono, we have developed and provided Uplift Mutuals with a SaaS solution, Uttam – replacing the often time-consuming manual work needed to settle health insurance claims. With the help of the easy document uploading functionality, Uplift has been able to process claims in a matter of 48 hours, instead of the usual turnaround time of 20-25 days. In addition to easing the burden for low-income families to fund their health issues, Uttam also provides an easy-to-use process for expanding microinsurance for health programmes to cover more communities. Furthermore, it has helped to reduce operational costs for Uplift Mutuals.

Going forwards, we will help launch Uttam as a mobile solution, supporting Uplift’s expansion to larger communities.

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