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Volvo: Explore how customer satisfaction could be increased by utilising digital tools

Volvo and EVRY joined forces to explore how customer satisfaction could be increased by utilizing digital tools to better support technicians while conducting service and repairs.
After a prestudy and a concept creation phase the “How2” concept emerged. After a phase of design, development, and testing, technicians now use AR glasses and tablets in their daily work, securing efficient and high-quality service for the customer.

Discovering a need for updated support tools

During the prestudy user, insights was gathered through interviews and observations. Technicians, with various experience, in seven different markets was interviewed. Also technicians at 13 different workshops in four markets, with various size and routines was observed. One of the discoveries from the prestudy was that there is a need to update the support tools that the technicians use while conducting service and repairs in order to have an efficient and high-quality service for the customer.

The How2 concept is born

Several concept ideas was developed based on the prestudy. During a workshop with technicians and representatives from several departments in Volvo´s Global Customer Service, it was decided that the “How2” concept was one of the concepts that we should explore more. The How2 concept use AR glasses and tablets to find new digital tools that could support the technicians in their daily work.

Two prototypes were developed, one based on AR glasses (HoloLens) and one based on a tablet. A UX-designer was added to the team to refine the UX and the design of the prototypes. The content for the prototypes was developed by a content team from Ukraine. During the design and development phase, technicians and other experts was involved to give the team information and feedback.

The final prototypes were tested in a pilot study in Belgium, where 26 technicians of various experience level and from seven different dealerships participated. The aim was to get a spread between technicians with low experience and high experience. During the pilot, the team measured service times, quality and experience in order to evaluate the prototypes against current tools.

"Working together with EVRY on the “How2”-concept has taught me that the success of collaborations depends on the mindset of the team involved. When everyone is working to succeed together and sees opportunities rather than obstacles, that’s when the magic starts to happen. And last but definitely not least, it is important to remember to have fun. Fun really makes all the difference."

Lotta Strömbeck, Digital Innovation Manager, Volvo Innovation & Digital Services

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