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Svenssons in Tenhult AB: Migrating to Azure to better support business goals

Tietoevry at your service

The challenge

Svenssons in Tenhult AB’s challenge was that their current on-premise platform did not support the mobility of their workforce and flexibility to scale. At the same time, they wanted to change their IT focus towards more business-related goals and getting the right tools to support that, rather than solely focusing on IT continuity.

The company assessed different options regarding where their application could be hosted to provide the necessary performance, uptime and cost efficiency, without the need for large up-front investments. Microsoft Azure cloud platform, in combination with Microsoft 365, supported all of the customer’s demands for digital collaboration.

The solution

In 2018, Svensson in Tenhult decided to close down their local servers and started the migration to Azure with the help of TietoEVRY. The first step was for TietoEVRY and Svensson in Tenhult to build a structured migration plan that would allow the successful moving of workloads to Azure without interrupting the firm’s business operations.

Based on this strong design and plan, the migration to Azure was executed in an efficient manner that did not impact the company’s operations.

“After well-organized preparation by TietoEVRY, the migration to Azure went very smoothly and without affecting our operations. What impressed me most was how TietoEVRY quickly and powerfully handled the unforeseen problems that arose,” says Fredrik Svensson, CEO at Svensson in Tenhult AB.

The TietoEVRY Azure Migration service combines the experience of cloud experts, best practices and the right tools to deliver accelerated migration to Azure. It also avoids common risks, reduces expenses and meets proper security and compliance requirements.

About the customer

Svenssons in Tenhult AB is a family business with over 80 years of experience delivering high-quality fittings from leading manufacturers. They deliver to the carpentry, home and metal industries, with a focus on providing the best service to their customers.


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