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Stavanger: From three systems to one

Stavanger kommune

Tietoevry at your service

Now, the new Stavanger municipality is established. The had to move large amounts of data from three different systems into one and the same system.

IT migration (moving data from one system to another) is traditionally very resource-intensive and entails a significant risk for an organisation. The municipality of Stavanger therefore wanted to get in touch with various suppliers early. Many of the suppliers they talked to had little time because of the merger. If they had time, they said that this would be a huge cost for the municipality.

This allowed the municipality to look at alternative methods to move all data. The municipality of Stavanger already had RPA, also called robot technology. This is a tool that helps automate processes using software bots. Could this robot also help to move all the data in the municipalities?

First out in Norway

Stavanger municipality, after an efficient internal process, started a pilot project with us to use robots to move data. As the very first municipality in Norway, they wanted to test whether a robot could carry out the IT migration with greater efficiency and less resources and risk.

Viktor Antonenko, who works with programming of data with us, traveled down to Stavanger for two rounds to program the process for of salary and personnel data.

- This was a unique and exciting opportunity. Very fun to be allowed to participate in an exciting process to see if robotization in IT migration could be a success. In retrospect, I have also had good contact with the municipality of Stavanger to discuss and plan for an even better process in the future.

The greatest advantage of using robotisation in IT migration is control. You become a little addicted to the system vendor and have full control of the entire process.

The new Stavanger municipality has carried out three pilots, and the results were better than they expected

- We have also learned a great deal during the pilot projects, and robotization is now the main strategy for data migration in New Stavanger. Not only do we have more control, but we are less dependent on the system provider. We also have greater efficiency and less risk in connection with the relocation of the data, says Rune Hauge Project Manager for Digital Merger in the new Stavanger municipality.

The cost of the process was also significantly reduced. For one of the pilots, the costs were reduced by as much as 75% compared to offers from the system supplier.

In addition, the New Stavanger municipality will avoid all new systems starting up simultaneously, which means that they can continue all ordinary operations while the data is being moved. Thus, the overall risk picture is significantly reduced. An additional effect is that the New Stavanger municipality will increase its expertise on its own systems and, not least, its expertise in robot technology.

Frame agreement in place

As a consequence of the increased use of RPA, Stavanger kommune also needed more external RPA support. We are excited to say that we will help the New Stavanger municipality through a framework agreement on RPA services that are now signed.

- We have great expectations that you will contribute with competence and capacity to ensure that IT migration is a great success for the new municipality, says Rune.

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