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Cloud-based SAP system improves performance and stability for Swedish pension giant Fora

Fora wanted to modernise its IT systems to increase reliability and productivity while cutting costs. Read the full story on how they sped up services by 86%.

Philip von Schoultz

Customer Executive, Insurance, TietoEVRY

By switching to a cloud-based system running on TietoEVRY’s Dynamic Landscape for SAP, Fora has been able to speed up its services by up to 86% while also improving its cost control and internal work processes.

The business challenge : Minimising risk of disruptions

Fora used to have several different IT service providers for different parts of its business. But that meant high costs, a lack of standardised solutions, lower flexibility and a higher security risk. And when Fora experienced a serious problem in 2014 they had to shut down their computer systems for 12 days. Fora depends heavily on its SAP system to handle payments from more than 200,000 companies and provide services for more than 4 million Swedish workers, and decided to minimise the risk of any similar disruptions in the future.

TietoEVRY's solution: Holistic solution gives greater control

In order to achieve its objectives, Fora decided to migrate its IT services to cloud-based end-to-end solutions provided by TietoEVRY. By switching to a system based around TietoEVRY Dynamic Landscape for SAP, the company has created a more holistic and future-proof ecosystem throughout its IT operations. Fora’s main business servers now all exist in the cloud, which means they can control costs by only paying for the capacity and performance Fora uses at any given time.

Faster work processes means faster service

Fora is already seeing a big improvement in performance with the new system. Workflows have improved by an average of 30 to 75%, with some processes now 86% faster than with the previous system. Run times that previously took six hours have been reduced to 30 minutes. And calculating pension benefits now takes between 15 minutes to 60 minutes, compared to up to 7 hours before.

In practice, that means individual workers can get a pension statement much quicker, invoicing to clients is completed much faster and reports that previously took days to complete can now be compiled and sent out in a matter of hours. It also allows customers to work with data that is more up to date and simplifies production planning.

And if the system ever needs to shut down, the restore time is now within 40 minutes compared to several days – or even weeks. That not only improves reliability, but also means Fora has more freedom when it comes to experimenting with new solutions without having to worry about system failures.

86% time reduction for producing pension statements

The performance improvements made is now allowing Fora's customers a whole extra week of reporting window which is something that has been actively requested for years.

“As a full IT partner, it is our responsibility to make sure everything works. TietoEVRY enables Fora to be on the cutting edge when it comes to technology, that’s what we’re good at. And that means Fora can focus on what they are good at – helping their customers plan for retirement”. Mattias Broman, Customer Executive, Insurance, TietoEVRY

Fora’s challenge:

  • Improve reliability and speed up restore times
  • Increase cost control
  • Stay on top of latest technological developments
  • Find a single IT outsourcing partner

What TietoEVRY delivered:

  • Cloud-based IT services
  • TietoEVRY Dynamic Landscape for SAP
  • Full service desk

Customer benefits:

  • Faster processes means better service to customers
  • Scalable usage lowers costs
  • More flexibility and freedom to focus on core operations
  • System can be restored in minutes rather than days

About Fora

Fora handles the administration of collective insurance agreements and other social security solutions that cover about 4 million employees through their jobs. Each year Fora arrange payments of more than 15 billion SEK in premiums and fees from 214,000 companies to about 40 insurance companies, foundations and funds. Fora also handles pension plan choices and information for Avtalspension SAF-LO.

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