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How Libero is keeping their customers loyal in the digital age

From starting off as a manufacturer of high-quality nappies, Libero now offers many other services to a wider range of target groups.

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Libero is one of the world's best known nappy manufacturers. For over 60 years now it has helped you as parents care for your children in the best possible way, with nappies that protect their sensitive skin. But much has happened in the course of those 60 years.

From starting off as a manufacturer of high-quality nappies, Libero now offers many other services to a wider range of target groups. Whereas Libero's marketing used to target new parents, it now targets potential parents and fathers-to-be, a group which today is much more involved in their partner's pregnancy than before. The expansion of the company's services and customer base led to a challenge in creating loyalty among more than one target group.

Henrik Ekelund, Loyalty Marketing Manager for Libero in Essity, is an expert in customer loyalty and has worked on behalf of Libero for four years. One of his primary tasks is to secure customers' loyalty to the brand; if they buy a packet of nappies, it's his job to make sure that it comes from Libero. Creating customer loyalty is therefore the key to the company's future, because without it, surviving in a market characterised by fierce competition would be difficult.

Technology changes loyalty

Society has become increasingly digital, and ways of approaching customer loyalty have changed in line with changing technology trends. Digitalisation and the ever growing use of social media and websites have made it increasingly difficult to get messages across. Henrik believed that, in order to cut through the media noise and remain relevant to existing and potential customers, Libero needed to ask itself the question: how can we get our message across and offer our services in a simple and easily accessible way and at the same time get our target groups to choose to stay with us?

The answer came in the form of the Libero Club's app, a platform where all important information and relevant services are gathered in one place dedicated to customer loyalty activities for Libero's customers. The app was launched in Sweden in January 2019 and then soon after in Norway, Denmark and Finland.

'We have shifted from a media landscape where we continually pushed out messages to one where we seek to engage in direct dialogue with our customers. Today the brand is shaped by the customer dialogue that takes place on the various digital platforms, a situation which has resulting in us having less control over our brands than we had at the peak of the traditional media landscape.'

The new digital media landscape gradually emerged as new technologies were developed, and as far as Henrik was concerned there was no question that an app should become the primary platform for Libero's parents club.

'The Libero Club had existed since 1986, and actually we're doing the same thing today only that we've digitalised everything. So instead of having a book, you now have an app and a website. But the aim remains the same: to create loyalty and offer the best possible products and services to our customers.'

The finished product

The idea for the new app was born in late 2017. Libero wanted to build an app that was original and modern and with emphasis on the visual aspects, but the platform also had to enable direct contact with customers.

'Our initial vision for the app was that it should give us a fast and flexible method of communicating and sharing information with our customers. Because we're the biggest parents club in the Nordics, we wanted to create a meeting place where we could create value not only for our existing customers but for future customers, too. We used to have everything gathered on our website. Launching the Libero Club as an app was the best way of providing a user-friendly experience where we could seamlessly tailor content and interact better with our customers. Now that the mobile phone has become an extended arm, the app gives us opportunities to interact with our customers 24/7, which of course has a heavy influence on how our brand will be developed in future.'

The app was designed for sharing information about what stage you as a parent are at in the pregnancy, storing pictures of your children, and earning points in Libero's various points stores, but it was also developed to provide you with personally tailored content, according to your needs. The Libero Club has also become a social network, where you as a parent can chat with other families and communicate with your partner, which Henrik thinks has been a driving factor behind the app's wide success.

'We see that the app has been very positively received by our customers. More dads have become engaged in their partner's pregnancy because the app has features that make it easy to communicate with their partner and follow their child's development.'

And the app has indeed been welcomed with open arms. More than 20,000 people in Sweden downloaded it during the first week of its launch, and in the subsequent weeks it ranked as the App Store's most popular app in Sweden. According to Henrik, it's important to keep an eye on technology trends and to constantly maintain dialogue with customers – because that's the way to go to create loyalty and keep the brand relevant.

The app was developed by EVRY in close collaboration with Libero.

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