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Metsä Group: Modernizing forest management

Bringing forest management into the digital age using drones

The new technology helps to discover damage done by bark beetles at a very early stage and to save forests from more extensive damage.

Drones can also produce diverse and reliable digital information about the current state of forests for utilisation in forest management and planning.

Forest management made easier and damage from bark beetles reduced

Multispectral images taken by drones reveal damage done by bark beetles much earlier than anything that can be seen with the human eye. Pest damage causes changes in the metabolism of trees, and this new technology highlights any changes in various colours. Bark beetle damage is combatted by felling trees and by preventing bark beetles from spreading to wider areas.

Digital and reliable information revolutionises forest planning

Digital information collected by drones changes how forests are planned. For example, focused information about forests improves the efficiency of field tasks. The information obtained can be used to investigate any differences specific to the locality, geography or forest stand – the opportunities are limitless. These new solutions are also ecological and support sustainable development.

Tieto developed a management system for forest assets

“We want to provide our customers with the best solutions in the sector, and we work together with innovative partners. The ecological drone solution was developed in cooperation with Festmeter from Austria, and it is part of Tieto's Digital Forest Twin service concept designed for the forest industry. The solution enables the virtual management of forest assets and optimises the supply chain of wood sourcing”, says Jaakko Kuusisaari, Head of Wood and Fibre Solutions at Tieto.

Digital Forest Twin is an exact digital reproduction of a real-world forest area. It helps, for example, to calculate the value of a forest, steer forest planning, trade in wood, and plan and model functions related to wood, purchasing, harvesting and transportation.

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