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Embrace a mobile and diverse workforce

Enable new and efficient agile work methods that increase the collaboration between colleagues and improve progress. Let people stay energized, giving them flexible ways to safely access their work.

Good for employees = Good for business

The demands of your workforce are changing. To stay attractive to new talent, while keeping the ones you’ve already got, your company needs to change with its people.
Companies are facing the need to support a more and more diverse workforce. This diversity comes in many forms - ranging from traditional office workers to developers and road warriors - all of whom have different needs but must be supported in a consistent and secure way.
The Energized Workspace provides user-centric services that are easy to use, evergreen and which empower individuals in their everyday life. By using a high degree of automation, a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud platform or by continuously measuring user experience, we can increase employee satisfaction and move to a modern approach based on proactivity.
The Energized Workspace is built on four fundamental pillars, each of which adds direct value to your organisation; User-centric Experience, Social Collaboration, Smart Office and Personalized Support.

Viktoria Granqvist

Head of End User Services & SIAM, TietoEVRY

What is your need?

User-Centric Experience

Boost individual productivity by providing an intuitive, effective and consistent user experience through devices, applications and technology that enables people to work from anywhere at any time.

Social Collaboration

Enables intuitive communication and information sharing to improve the effectiveness of collaborative work. Utilize technology to bring people together and enable them to be more productive.

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Smart Office

Leverage modern technology to help people work smarter, better and faster at the office. By removing unnecessary obstacles and time-consuming activities, Smart Office solutions let people focus on what really matters.

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Personalized Support

Provides first-class professional help and support, is easy to access and eliminates delays. Access expertise, experience and know-how that minimizes down-time and lets users become more productive.

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Endpoint Security

Different types and layers of protection safeguard data and assets from theft and damage. Keep information safe by using advanced solutions against malware, intrusion and unauthorized access.

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Shape the future

Whether you are a strategist, coder, analyst, or a future-enthusiast, you will find a home at TietoEVRY. With us, you can make your mark and shape the future.

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