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Edge Services for IoT at scale

Edge computing ensures new ways to drive business value from exponential data growth. We design, build and run end-to-end solutions at scale.

Edge computing brings new business opportunities

In recent years, the Internet of things (IoT) and its connected sensors, devices and machines have expanded rapidly, resulting in a vast amount of data (big data), the need for low-latency communication (5G) and a broader adoption of AI technologies. These new capabilities bring new opportunities – from managing fleets with predictive maintenance to cut downtime, to autonomous real-time decision making in self-driving vehicles. These needs demand edge-to-core architectures that bring new capabilities in closer to data origins (i.e. in the edge) to achieve vital latency, privacy and capacity.

We design, implement and manage end-to-end IoT edge solutions at scale, by leveraging best-of-breed technologies in combination with deep domain competency in consulting- to-operations services.

Contact us to learn more about edge computing and its possibilities for your business.

Jani Hyppönen

Head of Edge Computing & 5G

Design customer - centric edge-to-core solutions


Design customer - centric edge-to-core solutions

Module based platforms at scale


Module based platforms at scale

Managed services


Managed services


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