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PPS Courses

Our courses maintain a healthy mix of practical exercise, team exercises, lectures and open dialogs. All in effort to best prepare our participants for their role

Important information to our customers!

TietoEVRY is closely following the development of the situation with regards to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Several precautionary actions to ensure business continuity, safeguard employees health and to prevent the virus from spreading in the society are taken. Read more

For this reason we have further developed the courses to be able to fully conduct them in distance. We have since April 2020 held a lot of courses with great result and very good reviews. The courses are teacher-led and are combined with seminars, films, quizzes, group exercises, reflections and question and answer sessions. The courses are conducted interactively with the help of our learning platform co-learning and video conferencing tools.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

PPS has courses for every role in the business

PPS training is not just for project managers, its for all roles within the business and is based on the PPS model. The training sessions convey the same message, from different perspectives and leads to consensus regarding the governance and working methods. We focus on helping our customers to achieve the benefits of their PPS training. Our teachers are passionate about sharing their experience and knowledge and are open to creative dialogues. They have long and solid experience if the areas of which they teach.

Do you need help to steer your project from start to finish?

The course gives you the ability to take responsibility for steering a project from start to finish. We also give you an understanding of business benefit management and also how the interaction with roles at business level work.

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Do you need advanced planning methods?

The course contributes to the increased ability to, as project manager, manage projects according to PPS by updating basic skills and communicating in-depth skills.

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Do you dare to be yourself in a leading role?

The course will give you the knowledge that you need in your role as project manager, for leading a group of people in a  project. The good project management increases commitment and leads to better results.

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Do you have a challenging project?

PPS Training programme for project manangers gives you the opportunity to practice on your own project, while at the same time absorbing new knowledge. PPS are convinced that the combination of practical experience and theoretical studies leads to increased capability. After completion of this course you will have the opportunity to get certified.

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What happens to projects when an organisation wants to work with Agile methods?

Project management is affected when organisations goes through agile transformations. This course gives you basic knowledge of what agile project management means. You will learn about agile principles, how production and delivery works as well as planning and organising an agile project.

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Does the steering group exist to ensure a sucessful project?

PPS Steering group and Orderer contributes to the increased ability to manage projects by communicating the knowledge required to be able to act as an orderer and member of a steering group.

You will gain knowledge of the PPS view and details for the activities to be carried out by the orderer and the steering group. Among other things, what the orderer needs to do before a project can start, and what the steering group does during the course of the project. You will understand the responsibilities of the orderer, respectively the steering group member, and the activities linked to the respective role.

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How do you decide wich initiative is the best to go for?

PPS Business benefit management contributes to the increased ability to steer towards benefits and to initiate the right projects in operations.

The course gives you the PPS definitions and approach regarding business benefit management, as a structured way to manage an entire operation’s development initiative.  You will learn how to define clear expected benefits linked to measurable benefits, which will provide increased security when executing the right business changes. You will also gain insight into the importance of working with business changes, in order to achieve the expected benefit that has been set.  The connections to other parts of the PPS model, such as project and programme management are also clarified.

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Facing major organisational changes?

PPS Programme management contributes to the increased ability to manage programmes.

The course gives you the PPS definitions and approach regarding a programme, as an excellent method to coordinate projects and business change activities, the aim being to achieve an expected benefit. You will learn the management model and roles in the programme, and we will explain the relation between the programme and the operations objective. The course will give you access to skills and templates that can be used for everyday management.

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Are you starting the right project in order to achive your strategic goals?

PPS Portfolio management contributes to the increased ability to manage project portfolios and, by that, increase benefit in operations.

You will learn how to valuate the contribution of a project initiative towards the operations objective and learn how to prioritise, to then, starting out from the resource capability, plan the portfolio and manage changes to it. You will learn about the management model for portfolios and the course will give you access to skills, checklists and templates that can be used for everyday management. You will also get insight into alternative ways to organise the work, depending on your type of business.

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Do you know what the program will result in and what you can expect from your project manager?

PPS Project members creates an understanding of what being a project member in a project that is run according to PPS involves.

The course illustrates the requirements regarding a project member may have regarding the project member. Being a project member involved you having to be able to manage your own part of the production activities. This requires, among other things, that you are able to clarify and establish your own commitment, plan your work, be available for monitoring and actively participate.

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Do you need to refresh your PPS skills for an upcoming project assignment, or for a certification?

PPS Refresh for project managers is a digital course that helps you rehearse and refresh your PPS basic project management skills. The course is intended for you who has taken the Step 1 training – “basic project management” and feel a need to repeat and review the content.

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