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PPS Step 1 - Basic project management

Do you need help to steer your project from start to finish?
Do you want to communicate easily with the surrounding world?
Are the benefits of your project clear?

The course gives you the ability to take responsibility for steering a project from start to finish. We also give you an understanding of business benefit management and also how the interaction with roles at business level work.  


| Projects and programmes | Overview PPS – Project management | Initiate project | Model for project management | Start seminar | Basics of PPS | Idea and objective formulation | Stakeholder analysis | Requirement dialogue | Decision points | Project planning | Project organisation | Staffing | Risk management | Project plan, commitment | Detailed planning | Monitoring | Information distribution | Steering group, project | Change management | Delivery and transferral | Closing seminar and final report |

After the course you will have:

  • knowledge about the PPS view and structure
  • an understanding of the project manager’s responsibilities in relation to the orderer and steering group 
  • the ability to apply basis skills 
  • support in managing challenges in a project

Target group
Everyone who wishes to develop their ability to manage a project. People who currently work as project managers or who would like to train to work as a project manager or sub-project manager. 

Experience of working in projects.

During the course you will go through the skills mixed with group assignments and experience-sharing

Duration of the course
Three days

Download the course sheet for PPS Step 1 - Basic project mangement

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The course can also be held internally in your business.
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IPMA Registrerad

PPS is an approved education provider (PMI R.E.P. Registered Education Provider). As an approved provider we have met and passed PMI’s quality requirements regarding content, the teachers’ skills and abilities and the pedagogical set-up. 

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