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Aino Lohikoski: Environmentally conscious Data Analyst promotes sustainability in line with her values

Aino is an active part of Tietoevry’s work community, developing client operations to be more environmentally friendly.

Aino Lohikoski / June 28, 2024

Aino started at Tietoevry in 2021 while still studying at Aalto University. Three years later, she is an active part of Tietoevry’s work community, developing client operations to be more environmentally friendly.

The business and tech-oriented student entered Tietoevry through its renowned Graduate Program. Aino began as an internal employee working with data and reporting. Her strong performance led to new responsibilities. She started as a data consultant and was able to integrate her passions into her work: responsibility issues and ESG, focusing on environmental, social responsibility, and governance aspects.

Aino recently started a new project as an ESG data consultant.

- I help the client identify where all ESG data is located. This improves the data's quality and usability.

Aino is proud that her work reflects her values and advances the industry in a way that has a positive social impact.

- My philosophy is that I have a responsibility to develop and improve things, and it's great (and important) to be able to do that through my work. This also links to my thesis, which deals with green programming. Green software development advances methods to improve the energy efficiency of software production and reduce its carbon footprint.

Colleagues Support ESG Development

From the start, Aino felt at home at Tietoevry, as even in a junior role, her opinions were listened to and valued.

- At Tietoevry, you can be yourself and engage in projects that interest you. When you express your opinions, they are listened to. If you want to take responsibility and a role for yourself, you get that opportunity.

A concrete example was the shift in focus of Aino's work to areas that personally motivated her.

- We worked on an ESG-related sales project. After that, I had the opportunity to develop our company's ESG capabilities. Everyone was supportive, even though this work process was not billable. Colleagues not only encouraged me but approached the project enthusiastically and with an open mind.

What kind of job seeker fits Tietoevry, according to Aino?

- Tietoevry is well-suited for people who enjoy new things, want to learn, and find their own path. A desire to improve and develop solutions is also important. All this can be realized in a work environment where there is a genuine commitment to work-life balance.

Women and those interested in environmental issues

The IT industry is notoriously male dominated, but companies like Tietoevry are trying to change this reality. Aino also finds it important that more women should enter the industry.

- I would especially encourage women to apply for jobs in the industry, and at Tietoevry, for example. If you are looking for work that offers significance, consider the IT industry. I want to move the industry forward by bringing my conscious perspectives to light.

Aino also emphasizes the growing impact of environmental values in the IT industry.

- Investing in ESG and responsibility is new. There are many opportunities in this field to make an impact, and work can be shaped to reflect one's own values. I hope that in the future, the industry will consider how we can have the best possible solution that would have a positive social impact.

Sports and environmentally conscious adventures in free time

As a former sprinter, Aino enjoys fast-paced sports – find trying new ones fun, and her latest ventures include surfing and snowboarding.

- I also like responsible travel. I try to travel by train instead of flying. I particularly enjoy interrail travel, as it combines flexibility and problem-solving. Traveling by train in Europe can lead to fun mishaps, which ultimately turn into memorable adventures.

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Aino Lohikoski
Data Analyst, Tietoevry Tech Services

Education: Aalto University School of Business
Started at Tietoevry: 2021
Office: Espoo, Finland
Fun Fact: Prefers long-distance travel by train, as it's eco-friendly!


Aino Lohikoski

Data Analyst, Tietoevry Tech Services

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