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Wilma Jägerklou: Design as a tool for inclusion and belonging

UX Designer Wilma can combine the best of two worlds and, at the same time, contribute to the fight against the digital divide.

Wilma Jägerklou / October 23, 2023
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Wilma was born in Stockholm but moved at an early age to Öland with her family. She has always had an interest in people and design, so studying interaction design in Kalmar was the natural choice.

- I chose the graduate program at Tietoevry because they are people-oriented and use technology I was familiar with, and also because of the opportunities to explore various areas of interest, says Wilma.

Staying with Tietoevry after the graduate program was an easy choice. Wilma is now in her second year as a regular employee, and she feels that she’s in a great place:

- The graduate program was an excellent transition between university and work life. I’m currently working on two secretive projects, where I’m the project manager in one and a UX designer in another; a great variation. We’re working on new, innovative, and user-friendly interfaces that will provide meaningful digital experiences for end users. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I am really motivated by this.

A great combo

As a project manager, Wilma is responsible for the totality, coordinating with everyone involved. She estimates that around 50% of her time is spent in interaction with clients, while the rest is spent working with programmers, developers, support, and other project members:

- Having different roles can be slightly overwhelming at times, but it also gives the opportunity to have a bird’s-eye view. I find that striking the right balance between laughter and seriousness, with an open dialogue with clients, is important. It’s quite bold of Tietoevry to give me, a 23-year-old, the responsibility for a project. I’m very grateful; it allows me to grow.

In addition to being the project manager, Wilma works as a designer creating cognitive, digital availability.

- In this project, I get to use both my creativity and problem-solving skills – a perfect combination for me. I find it inspiring to meet customers’ expectations and, more often than not, deliver solutions that are surprising and better than expected. There’s a lot of psychology in what we do, not only technology. We create solutions that will benefit everyone. We are very user-centric in our development, an area I find very interesting – so much so that I’m taking courses to learn more.


Inclusion, from start to finish

Wilma has few problems with motivation at work. She’s truly proud of what the project team delivers – solutions that improve lives.

- When we work with digital availability, we include people, and indirectly all of society, in the digitalization process. We’re working with sustainable design. It’s therefore fitting that Tietoevry is a very inclusive company as well; it’s engrained in our culture – from our interaction with clients all the way to end users. As a girl in the IT industry, I love the fact that Tietoevry gives everyone an opportunity. Those of us who don’t fit the mold feel valued and important. Tietoevry values different perspectives; it truly shows. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword.

Never alone

Wilma fell victim to the imposter syndrome before she started and has a sensation that it’s a common feeling among her peers.

- The cure is a feedback culture where I’m reassured about my performance. If you have faith in yourself, Tietoevry has it too. It’s easy to be daring here; you’re surrounded by people who believe in you and support you – you’re never alone. And if you fail, the blame is shared.

Support and teamwork are central parts of the Tietoevry culture, and there’s always someone who is willing to help. Wilma is also amazed at all the competence within the company.

- It’s easy to pick the brains of your colleagues; there’s always someone eager to help. We have various digital channels where we can reach out, and there’s always someone who knows someone who knows the answer to what you’re after. It really builds a great team feeling.

A future with AI

Wilma wants to continue her development and finds the size of Tietoevry positive in the sense that there are a multitude of directions her career can take. Currently, she’s taking courses in leadership to learn and see if it’s for her or not. She has an optimistic outlook for the future.

- AI is big, and it will be increasingly important in our company. It’s not only about code but also about efficiency and allowing me to be more creative. To be curious and want to learn more is the key to success in our industry; it enables us to adapt to any changes. AI will give me more time; I’m not at all wary that it will replace me. You can’t remove the human element from what we do, where understanding people and their needs is paramount.




Wilma Jägerklou
UX Designer

Age: 23
Title: UX-designer
Location: Kalmar, Sweden
Started: 2022
Background: Interaktionsdesign, Linnéuniversitetet

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