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360° case, document and records management

Improve your services with a case, document and records management system that is transparent, secure and empowers the public.

Outstanding services and administration

Put an end to time wasted looking for documents across several platforms and gain a clear overview of your organisation's workflow. 360° stores all your project or case records in one place, making it easy to find, share and update information. Tracking progress has never been so easy.

We've built it to comply with all Nordic regulations around records and case management, including GDPR. With Microsoft Office integration and the ability to automate processes, it offers you a one-stop-shop for an efficient and transparent administration that puts the community first.

Torben Kristensen

Head of Public 360° Sales Nordic

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Open up the potential to offer online 24/7 self-services to your citizens. Learn more about the tools to kick - start your digitalisations journey today!

Public 360° webinars

Join our webinars and explore how to take advantage of using the Public 360° solution.

Key benefits

Process automation drives efficiency.

Save time

Process automation drives efficiency.

Enables employees to work together seamlessly.


Enables employees to work together seamlessly.

Helps to enhance and speed up services for the public.

Improve service

Helps to enhance and speed up services for the public.

Key features

Automated processes

streamline your processes by setting up automated workflows, saving time and opening up the potential to offer online 24/7 self-services to your citizens.

Microsoft integration

Because 360° is integrated with familiar Microsoft Office applications, it's easy for employees to get started. Plus, the handy Outlook sidebar makes navigating files painless and automatically captures relevant emails to each case or project.

Legacy integration

Don't feel held back by having lots of legacy systems you need to integrate into a common platform. 360° merges data from lots of different systems, including those from multiple, different organisations.

Versioning and revision control

Want to see the draft of a document from last week? 360° gives instant access to previous versions of files, while ensuring you always work in the most recent update. It also functions like a backup, so you can continue working, safe in the knowledge that your files will always be available.


Sensitive information needs to be secure. With 360°, you have full control over who has access to information and which information can be published. Your data is safe, whether you choose a local or cloud solution.


Fully compliant with the strictest standards in case and record management across Nordic countries, including GDPR regulations around personal data management.

Mobile solution

Working on the move has never been so easy. 360° is available across mobile devices, so you can update documents and prepare for meetings away from your desk. You can even edit documents offline, which automatically sync next time you are online.

Flexible delivery

Available as a cloud installation, 360° gives you instant access to the latest updates, outsourced administration and maintenance, and the opportunity to scale at a pace that suits you. All at a predictable monthly cost.

Tailored to your employees

The 360° interface changes depending on the role of the person accessing the system. Your employees only see the information and workflows they need to carry out their job, saving their time and your money.

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