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IAM Publications

Here are some of our publications in Industry leading platforms

From reservoir to point of sales

Integrate and optimize from reservoir to point of sales using your existing software and established workflow! Read some of our research papers on the fields that may be of your interest.

Aleksander Juell

Director Upstream

Research Papers

Lab Tests and Modeling CO₂ Injection in Chalk with Fracture

Matrix Transport Mechanisms

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MS Shale Reserve Forecasting

Model Consistency and Uncertainty

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MS Diluent Injection Optimization for a Heavy Oil Field

Integrated modeling solution designed to maximize the reservoir oil production

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MS Compositional Variation in SAGD

This paper describes a detailed study of compositional variation in a SAGD process.

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MS Real-Time Production Optimization

Of a Production Network with ESP-boosted wells: A Case Study

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Cyclic Shut-in Eliminates Liquid

Loading in Gas Wells

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Global Component Lumping

for EOS Calculations

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Model-Based Production Optimization

of the Rubiales Field, Colombia

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Mix-n-match Reservoir Coupling

in Integrated Modeling and Optimization

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Numerical Investigation and Integrated Optimization

Solvent-SAGD Process

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CO2 Injection Project Analysis

Using Application of Integrated Model and Optimization

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Liquid-Rich Shale Versus Conventional Depletion Performance

This paper describes the major differences in production performance between liquid-rich shale reservoirs (LRSRs) and conventional reservoirs undergoing depletion recovery.

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Urucu Field Integrated Production Model

The main objective of this paper is to present a model based integration platform to perform 60+ oil wells optimization in PETROBRAS Urucu field (Solimões Basin, Amazon Rain Forest), while honoring operational constraints on wells, production separators, pipelines, and total field gas processing capacity.

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