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Enabling care, process and investment optimization

Our consulting services cover the health and social care sector's broad spectrum of needs

Successful and sustainable implementation for quality and security

The health sector is facing increased demands for process optimization and increasing expectations to deliver a rapid impact from investments. Frequent market changes and new technological opportunities have led to a new type of unpredictability that healthcare providers need to manage. At the same time, national authorities and patients are demanding increased accessibility and a continuous focus on quality and better co-ordination. Combined, these are creating major challenges for the sector which has long been struggling with limited resources. This pressure is expected to only intensify in the years to come.
We are experts in operating in the interface between IT and healthcare. Our prime motivation is to help you maximize technology and its capabilities and give your organization the support and scope it needs to focus on saving lives and building a healthier society.

Helge Halvorsen Monstad

Head of Software Centric Services

Key features

Infrastructure management and IT operations

The health sector uses a wide range of applications, from specialised industry solutions to more standardised tools. We possess sound industry knowledge and solid experience in operating, managing and innovating applications used in the health sector. We have high capacity, a broad knowledge of applications and codes, and long experience in the most widely used platforms and associated modules.


Our guiding principle is to make best possible use of existing standards for data transfer in the healthcare sector. We can also draw on our experience in creating structure and architecture for a regional service platform and have experience with integration platforms and technologies. Many areas of specialist expertise are needed to perform a successful implementation for sustainable healthcare requirements, quality and security.

Project and change management

We're used to operating in the interface between IT and healthcare. The diversity of backgrounds, qualifications and experience of our project managers – from nursing, system development and technical documentation to change management, electronic archiving and CE marking – means that we can support you with expertise and experience in business-oriented issues.

Application development and management

Developing a sustainable application that meets healthcare quality and usability requirements demands many areas of specialist expertise. We have formed a dedicated and agile team that ensures sound work processes and clear parameters, allowing scope for improvisation and great ideas. We have long experience in managing a wide variety of systems, including the general practitioner register and the population register.

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