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TietoEVRY's Distributed Energy Solution (DES)

Transform your energy business into a sustainable, consumer-centric energy ecosystem.

Unlock the value of distributed energy resources

As the world moves toward renewables and greener energy sources, transform your business offering to earn from distributed energy resources – whether you're already an energy business or not.

With DES, you get a holistic, real-time overview of your operations – from utility-level assets to small-scale distributed energy resources – so you can see how to optimise them and generate more efficient revenue streams. Help end-customers understand and contribute to the future of green energy with services such as smart-home applications and electric vehicle charging.

Matti Seppänen

Head of New Energy Services

Distributed Energy Solution for consumer business

Smart energy management brings savings and new revenue streams to retail

The energy revolution and opening energy markets are creating new opportunities for the retail industry to introduce new efficiencies in their own energy management while complementing their traditional offering with new consumer-oriented services for increased revenue. Now is the right time for retailers to grab consumer market share using smart technologies.

Distributed Energy Solution for buildings

Clean and efficient building energy management

The energy revolution is powered by advances in renewable energy technologies, electrified transport, energy storages and digitalisation. Buildings use approximately 30–40 % of all energy in the Nordic area. How to achieve efficient and sustainable building management?

Distributed Energy Solution for energy retailers

A new form of energy retail will keep you in business

The fundamental shift from fossil fuels towards renewables, and the distribution of energy resources like micro production assets, electric vehicles and energy storages are opening up new opportunities and business models for energy service providers. With Tieto’s Distributed Energy Solution (DES) you can operate virtually the entire value chain from utility level assets to small-scale distributed energy resources, providing full service in managing the new energy business.

In the spotlight

Own a car, save the planet

Reducing the carbon footprint of transport is a central aspect of the EU’s European Green Deal, and we all can contribute to this target.

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Lassila & Tikanoja head office becomes a virtual power plant – solving energy efficiency and indoor climate quality challenges

One of the greatest benefits of the pilot is that L&T is able to join the national energy system’s demand response programme.

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Why the supermarket chain, telecom operator or bank should start selling energy services?

The energy market revolution and opening energy markets offer new business possibilities

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What real estate owners and managers need to know about combining business benefit and sustainability

Holistic energy managementis totally doable through advanced digital solutions. The good news is that they already exist.

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Committed Community

Tieto, Wärtsilä, Fortum, St1 and Demos Helsinki launched Innovation Community initiative to speed clean energy targets.

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Key benefits

Enable the increase of renewable energy in the whole society.

Save the Planet

Enable the increase of renewable energy in the whole society.

Turn distributed energy resources into profit.

Start earning

Turn distributed energy resources into profit.

A virtual overview of the entire value chain.

360º overview

A virtual overview of the entire value chain.

Key features

Distributed Energy Management

The main tool within DES to manage resources, assets and virtual power plants, monitor and control in real-time and connect to the energy market.


DES is a modular integration platform able to connect to any type of existing system including physical assets, IoT systems and cloud services.


DES can be connected to our other services; IoT platform Tieto Connect, Smart Field Services, Customer 360 and the energy customer portal.

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