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Market data exchange

Secure your data exchange and meet new regulatory requirements with a reliable, future-ready communication service.

Ready for new regulations

Be sure that you're ready for the Nordic single market data exchange with an easy, effective and affordable information exchange service. Our service gathers and forwards your data using an automated, cloud-based and scalable tool for flexible access. Communications are secure and reliable between market partners in the new Nordic datahub model.

Our supply chain is guaranteed fault-free, always up to date with the latest regulations and includes fluent support for all utility market processes.

Jyri Kivinen

Head of Energy Utilities

Key benefits

Service covered by our regulatory guarantee.

Regulatory guarantee

Service covered by our regulatory guarantee.

Process-based automated message generation.

Digital data for smooth supply chain

Process-based automated message generation.

Better accurancy and more payment flexibility.

Improved customer satisfaction

Better accurancy and more payment flexibility.

Key features

Energy market messages

Outbound messages are generated automatically while inbound messages are automatically uploaded in the system.

Admin tool

The admin tool offers possibilities for configurations of the messages' exchanges.

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