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Energy utilities

Realise the full potential of your business with digital solutions that bring new opportunities to the energy industry.

Ready for the future of the industry

In this digital age, there is a constant need for ready-to-use, modular, standardised services, designed to boost business value and efficiency immediately. The energy industry is no exception.

Jyri Kivinen

Head of Energy Utilities

In the spotlight

Global economic growth is driving the need for more electricity. At the same time, there are strict requirements to lower emissions.

With a human-centric and technology-powered business approach, the Cognitive Enterprise will give you power to focus on the right things.

Learn how

Own a car, save the planet

Electric vehicles help achieve the goal – but they might have a much bigger impact. How could that happen?

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Distributed Energy Solution for buildings

Buildings use approximately 30–40 % of all energy in the Nordic area. How to achieve efficient and sustainable building management?

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AI: the gateway to successful churn prevention and customer retention

Growth is one of the most important factors affecting a company’s valuation, attractiveness to investors and market position.

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Why the supermarket chain, telecom operator or bank should start selling energy services?

The energy market revolution and opening energy markets are creating new possibilities.

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