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Webinar: Data analytics for dummies

Would you like to do more data analytics to understand your customers better and adjust your communication by learning from their behavior? Continuously update your offer to the market.

24.11.2022, Online
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How to get started with data analytics

In this webinar we will describe the basics of data analytics and why it is so valuable to work continuously to improve the efforts in this area. You will get hands-on examples and ideas of what to do next and understand the reasons why it is worth spending time and money on these type of services - you will get return on investment.

Data analytics can be combined with the service Live Invoice which will give you a dashboard of data at hand.

Easy, smart and efficient.

Add the service Live Invoice to become even better

The service Live Invoice can provide you with a lot of useful data in a smart and accessible way. You will be able to get intel about what your customers are doing within the service, thereby ensuring that you can improve continuously and based on your customer's behavior – not what you believe that they will do.

Let us walk you through the benefits with relevant use cases to ensure that you, after the webinar, get inspired and can take actions directly to improve your way-of-working.

Live Invoice – Boost communication, payments, and availability to reduce churn.

Webinar 24 November at 9:30 - 10:00

If you are working in Finance, Marketing, IT, Product, or Customer Service it doesn’t really matter – this is a relevant webinar for you if you are affecting customer communication in your company.

Recording for the webinar will be available on this page in a short time.  

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