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360° eMeetings prepare and 360° eMeetings Live webinar

Webinar: 360° eMeetings prepare og vårt nye modul 360° eMeetings Live for customers using our case and document managment solution.

8.6.2022, Online
On Demand

Tietoevry together with First Agenda invites you to participate in a webinar that will be about what is new in 360° eMeetings and introduction to our new module 360​​° eMeetings Live for you as a Public 360° user

360° eMeetings prepare is the app / interface for the elected representatives and the 360​​° eMeetings Live module is an additional module to 360° eMeetings Prepare. 360° eMeetings Live contains the functionality members and meeting secretaries need when conducting meetings

The main features of 360 ° eMeetings Live

  • Voting functionality to decide on issues on the agenda
  • Manage the agenda for meeting participants, who take turns speaking during the meeting
  • Presentation view, which can be used to focus on the agenda item

The webinar will be recorded and shared with the participants afterwards, if the time is not right for you - sign up and you will have access to record the webinar afterwards as well.

Webinar hosted in Swedish and Danish

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Katarina Steen

Head of Sales Public 360° Sweden

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