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Webinar: Service Management in a Changing World of digital transformation

Business responsiveness is challenged due to complex IT landscape. Time to take a closer look at how the Future of Service Management looks.

28.10.2021, Online
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Business responsiveness is challenged due to complex IT landscape

The relationships between technology, business and the IT organization has been and will continue to change significantly by distinct driving forces. In order to sufficiently plan and prepare for these changes, IT professionals and business leaders alike must begin to change the way they view the role that the IT department plays within the business.
Challenges that IT organizations face today is:

  • Pressures from Demand side
  • Pressures from Supply side​
  • Pressures from Complex IT Landscape​
  • Pressures to Service Management performance​

What has to be removed and managed:


SIAM is needed to remove the complexity; through Consolidation, harmonisation, enabling updated ways-of-working, use of DevOps and other frameworks. This is our Operational SIAM.

SIAM is needed to manage the complexity; we believe that when complexity is managed it becomes diversity. Diversity improves the capabilities to innovate and to maxime the benefits of digitalisation. This is our Enterpise SIAM.

In this webinar we will go through how we do the Service Management Transformation with our next generation SIAM services to match the new demands and different drivers for such transformation​.


Who is this webinar for?

Business & centralised ICT service management 


The agenda and information on the guest speakers are below on this page. 

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The agenda

09:00 EET /08:00 CET

Veli Pirttiaho, Head of SIAM

09:05 EET /08:05 CET
How does the Next generation Service Management look like? From an Operational and Enterprise standpoint.

Aki Kupiainen, Senior Management Advisor, SIAM Concept

09:20 EET /08:20 CET
This is how organisations are benefiting from next generation Service Management

Kapil Vidhani, Head of SIAM Services

09:40 EET /08:40 CET


Veli Pirttiaho
Head of SIAM
Kapil Vidhani
Head of SIAM Services
Aki Kupiainen
Senior Management Advisor, SIAM Concept

Watch a recording

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Veli Pirttiaho

Head of TietoEVRY SIAM

Date and place

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