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The new way to do Data Governance

Time to speed up digitalisation with data governance combined with modern search.

18.3.2021, Online
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Many organizations are suffering from poor data management, making it hard or impossible to find and use accurate data, slowing down digital transformation significantly. Time to get solutions and ideas. We welcome you to join the webinar run by our cognitive analytics and enterprise search spearhead, Findwise - part of TietoEVRY Group. 

The seminar will be about how data governance combined with modern search can speed up digitalisation - how it provides a management structure, processes, some assets such as enterprise taxonomies, reference data and authority lists to be consistently used in categorizing information.

“Data management it is not only about tooling even though good tools is necessary, it is about a way of working”

Ritva Aula at TietoEVRY will explain the basics, starting from the pain points of poor data management, show good and bad real examples from case stories and finally help us understand the importance of both good tools and holistic strategy.

Jesse Lambert at Top Quadrant will talk about the possibilities with modern knowledge graph technology, show both real cases, informative guidelines and a demo of a great tool for data cataloguing.

Fredric Landqvist at Findwise describes the power of combining data governance, with search and Findability.

This webinar is for you who like to understand more about an area of connected data and information that has great potential to literally change the way we share and store data and information.

Expect to learn more about:

  • Common pains with traditional data management
  • What data management is and why it is important
  • The power and possibilities with a holistic approach to connected data with search and knowledge graphs


  • Introduction by Fredric (5 min)
  • Data Governance by Ritva (20 min)
  • Data Governance with Knowledge Graphs by Jesse (20 min)
  • Conclusions by Fredric - The power of combined Findability and Data Governance (5 min)
  • Q & A


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Tobias Kryss

Head of Cloud & Analytics

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