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Meet us at Energyworld in Stavanger

We're looking forward to meeting you at the largest IT conference for the Oil & Gas sector in Norway. The 10th edition of Energyworld will be held live in Stavanger on September 16th.

16.9.2021 / Stavanger, Norway
Enter the code EW21-TIETO-E for your VIP ticket

The spotlight is on the Oil & Gas industry as it shifts from traditional energy sourcing to more sustainable ones, like wind and solar. As a collective industry, Oil & Gas has the know-how and expertise to make a difference in the shift towards a more sustainable world, especially when powered by IT that helps to streamline, automate and improve processes.

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As a gold sponsor for Energyworld, we're happy to offer TietoEVRY customers and guests free entrance. Energyworld 2021 is the go-to event of the year, where you can keep up with the latest trends and find out how to navigate through regulations and possibilities. We are participating at Energyworld with a session in the main program, as well as a stand in the exhibition area where we'll showcase the latest technology and IT solutions for Oil & Gas.


Enter the code EW21-TIETO-E for your VIP ticket

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Meet us at Energyworld

Tom Erling Henriksen
Business Developer, TietoEVRY
Tom has worked with the Oil & Gas IT business for 30+ years, always advocating better use of data.
Duncan Irving
Head of AI & Automation, TietoEVRY Norway
Duncan has a background in upstream, analytics, and data management. For 15+ years, he has designed and led tactical and strategic data-driven capabilities as the oil industry goes through digital transformation.
Ole Petter Dahl
Chief Business Consultant
Ole Petter has spent 20+ years advising on IT services for the Oil & Gas industry, as well as for the Banking & Finance industry.
Sigrun Bock
Head of Cybersecurity, TietoEVRY Norway
Sigrun's expertise in cyber security helps keep data safe for numerous of customers in the private and public sector.

Join in at NOROGs session

14.05 - 14.35
The Norwegian Continental Shelf leading the way in Sharing Economy

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, NOROG, drives initiatives for improving the quality of supply chain management through tracking equipment, easy access to supplier information and quality assured equipment information. TietoEVRY has participated in creating a new solution called Virtual Inventory. The service follows the principles of sharing economy with the aim to assist in reduced inventories and to increase the reuse of materials, resulting in a major cost reduction as well as less downtime for production at the oil and gas platforms.

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Ina Engelbrektson

Senior Marketing Manager, Industrial

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