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Search as a Service with new Azure Cognitive Search

Where are the pros and cons with Azure Cognitive Search?

6.5.2021, Online
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Findwise has been promoting Search-as-a-Service concept for a few years already while delivering its projects to a number of large companies across Europe. Now, it is good to see that Microsoft joined this trend and prepared a cloud product that really implements this idea. Let us walk through general architecture of Azure Cognitive Search, basic features and capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn about the information lifecycle process starting from data acquisition, document cracking, cognitive enhancements, indexing, searching and monitoring.
We will also try to point out things that might be improved by Microsoft or are not that good as other competitors can offer. But to be fair, we can conclude in which usage scenarios Azure Cognitive Search might win.

8:30 The webinar starts

8:55 Q & A Session

9:00 The webinar ends


Pawel Wróblewski
Senior Search and Finability Manager
Pawel Wróblewski is fascinated by the latest developments in the field of search, information retrieval and Big Data. He’s a member of the program council and a postgraduate lecturer for Data Science studies at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Sciences at Warsaw University of Technology

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Tobias Kryss

Head of Cloud & Analytics

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