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Webinar: Utility Industry Meets the Future

Be prepared for the coming changes and find new business possibilities.

18.5.2021, Online

Let's meet a new era in the utility industry!

Utilities are facing their biggest change in history. Many simultaneous factors are driving the change – the impending 15-minute imbalance settlement period, changing consumption patterns, and micro-production, to name a few.

Come and discuss this new phenomenon in the utility industry and what possibilities it might open up. Industry power speaker, Jukka Lassila, associate professor at LUT University, Finland, will outline what lies ahead. We will also present some examples of our expertise and cutting-edge software and services to help energy utilities industry address current challenges and growth opportunities.”

The event will take place online on May 18 at 9:00-10:00 CET. The agenda and information on the guest speakers are below on this page.

The registration to the event is closed but if you want to sign in, kindly contact and you will receive a link to the webinar.   

The agenda

9:00 CET

Jan Löfgren, Head of Sales, Energy Utilities

9:05 - 9:25
DSO in a changing operating environment

Jukka Lassila, Associate Professor, University of Lappeenranta, Finland 

9:30 - 9:45
Distributed Energy Solution – use cases and examples

Matti Seppänen, Head of New Energy Services, Energy Utilities

9:45 - 9:55
New business opportunities - concrete examples from real customer cases

Evelina Thieger, Consulting Manager, Nordics, Energy Utilities

9:55 - 10:00
Wrap up

Jan  Löfgren 


Jukka Lassila
Associate Professor, University of Lappeenranta
Jukka Lassila works as an associate professor in LUT University in Finland. He is also the Director of Asset Vision Ltd., a consultant company. His main area of interest is in the role of electricity distribution systems in smart energy transition, especially in strategic planning of networks.
Jan Löfgren
Head of Sales, Energy Utilities
Jan heads the Energy Utilities sales team helping the Nordic energy industry respond to digitalization challenges and accelerate their business. With more than 25 years of experience in the IT & Tech industry, he excels in business development and supporting customers’ transformation journeys.
Matti Seppänen
Head of New Energy Services, Energy Utilities
Matti is an expert in energy management with a mission to save the world and turn energy management into sustainable business. Matti and his team help customers navigate the energy industry environment to optimize energy consumption, create virtual power plants and contribute to the energy system.
Evelina Thieger
Consulting Manager for Nordics, Energy Utilities
Evelina likes to see opportunities and combine people with business, finding synergies for both customers and employees. She has a team with experienced energy consultants in Sweden, Norway and Finland and is passionate about helping customers succeed in their business.

Contact us

Jan Löfgren

Head of Sales, Energy Utilities

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