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DaWinci - Celebrating 20 years

of making logistics easy


TietoEVRY is proud to celebrate 20 years of DaWinci!

It is now 20 years since DaWinci as a Service was first deployed, this has been 20 years of development, 20 years of good customer relationships and 20 years of defining global best practice in the industry together with our customers.

In these 20 years DaWinci has gone from being a personnel logistics tool developed for the operators in the industry, to integrate the whole logistics supply chain for both personnel and cargo logistics, facilitating collaborations between both the operators and all the stakeholders in the industry.

Today, DaWinci is empowering safe and efficient logistics operations across the world.

Early days of DaWinci

Back in the nineties when the oil price was low and the Oil & Gas industry in Norway kicked off an initiative called NORSOK in order to strengthen the robustness and competitivity off the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Together with us in TietoEVRY, three operators decided that logistics was a good area to focus on – and this resulted the birth of the collaborative logistics platform called DaWinci.

Since then, DaWinci has been making logistics easy for the operators through continuous development and different co-innovation projects. Below is some of the key highlights of DaWinci's 20 years.


DaWinci Norway community

Improving competitiveness through standardization & collaboration

It started with three operators on the Norwegian shelf seeking to improve competitiveness and profitability, where now all the 10 operators on the Norwegian continental shelf are using DaWinci as their common tool for efficient handling of personnel logistics – enabling them to benefit from collaboration and standardization.


One key element to DaWinci’s continued success is The DaWinci Norway community where we together with representatives from all the operators in the North Sea meet ones a month to decide on the future development and strategy for DaWinci.

Celebrating 20 years together!

This year we are together with our customers celebrating DaWinci’s 20 years and we would like to thank all of our customers who have joined our journey with DaWinci. We have together seen how close collaboration with our customers – the sharing of knowledge and expertise has enabled us to define best practices in the industry with DaWinci. Through these 20 years we have learnt that in order to achieve best possible result in development and execution – collaboration with our customers and key stakeholders has been the key to DaWinci’s success. 

We look forward to continuing with close collaborations with our customers for the coming year and to see how our upcoming exiting projects will shape DaWinci for the next years to come.

About DaWinci

TietoEVRY is the global leading provider of logistics management software. The DaWinci product brings together the end to end Personnel Logistics, Personnel on Board (POB) and Cargo Logistics in one common tool. What more, DaWinci facilitates collaboration, not only between Operators, but also taking in Suppliers, Transporters and Travelers. The tool is in use by more than 40 oil, gas and energy operators across the world – every day making their logistics easy.

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