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Webinar: How to marry ASPICE and Agile in automotive software development?

V-model, Agile, ASPICE – deep-diving into the success ingredients of successful automotive software development now and in the future.

5.11.2020, Online

Competitive edge and differentiation in the automotive industry are increasingly driven by digital experience via tech and software advantages. Automotive software development process excellence is now more important than ever. 

Live webinar on the 5th Nov 2020 recording available

ASPICE is a standard to improve automotive software development processes and to assess vendors. It has shown its importance and in practice, the entire European automotive industry is highly motivated to be compliant with ASPICE. Parallelly, Agile is the mainstream of software development and needed to respond better and faster to market demands. Combining the flexibility of Agile with the strict requirements of ASPICE may sound intrinsically hard and conflicting – when should it be done?

In this webinar, we collected the experts who have insights on automotive software development projects, especially in the areas where we have applied ASPICE on top of Agile. We discuss the learnings, results, related risks and how to tackle those.

This webinar is particularly beneficial for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 automotive vendors who are looking for ways to improve their software development capabilities.


Vadym Matuzenko
Head of Automotive and Smart Devices Deliveries
Vadym is passionate about cars and IT. His has diverse experience in automotive projects (infotainment, navigation, safety-critical systems). Vadym believes that well-established communications and reasonable processes are the keys to the quality of any project.
Oleksandr Smiian
Quality  Manager
Oleksandr has a focus on product and processes quality. He has managed distributed teams, testing and quality departments and led process improvement initiatives to build QMS and get ASPICE external assessments positive results. Oleksandr is certified  ASPICE Provisional Assessor.
Andrzej Wieczorek
Automotive Software Development Expert
Andrzej acts as the webinar host. He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, working in various roles and projects. During last years heavily focusing on automotive solutions. Passionate about bridging state-of-the-art technology with business and developing both of them.

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VP, Automotive Software

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