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EC Customer Forum 2020

Welcome to the first ever ‘Virtual’ EC Customer Forum!

21 - 22.10.2020, Online
Registration is closed

This year TietoEVRY's much anticipated EC Customer Forum (previously known as EC User Forum) is going virtual. This program format will be the most convenient for our customers to attend from different time zones across the globe.

The event will be hosted as a four hour digital event with insightful presentations and lively panel discussions involving TietoEVRY experts and key customer representatives. There will be opportunities to attend separate deep-dive sessions held later for some of the key topics during the event.

To summarize, there will be two separate regional events with identical programs; please sign up for only one of the dates, most convenient as per your time-zone.

As this is an 'invitation only event', your participation will be free of charge. Please register and we will email your joining credentials to you before the event.

Program highlights

We are delighted to present to you more information about the format and agenda of the EC Customer Forum 2020. Join us to experience a rich line up of thought leaders and experts from global oil & gas companies sharing their insights about the trends in oil & gas industry and the role of Energy Components is helping businesses to stay at the forefront of the changing landscape.






05 mins

Welcome Note and Introduction

Aksel Hårstad (Host & Moderator)

Technology &
Market Insight

45 mins

TietoEVRY Oil & Gas Strategy

Oil & Gas Industry Outlook 

EC Technology Agenda & Roadmap


Kaare Lunde

Jarand Rystad (Rystad Energy)

Svein Helge Kallevik



45 mins

New Capabilities in EC Production

Decision Support & Optimization

Collaborative Logistics Management 


Eli Ottesen

Aleksander Juell

Kristian Brakvatne



45 mins

New Capabilities in EC Cargo Management

EC Pipeline Management 

EC at Gassco – Automated Processes


Olav Naerland

Aleksander Juell

Morten Carlsen



45 mins

Cost Improvements with Oilfield Chemistry

Cloud - It’s closer than you think: EC as a Service (ECaaS)

Digital Transformation with ECaaS


John-Arne Stokkan

Per Christian Hauge

Phillip F Miller (Chevron)



10 mins

Closing Remarks & Reflections

Jon Alvar Oyasater







Kaare Lunde
VP, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Kaare's journey with TietoEVRY began in 2009 and he took over the full responsibility of its global Oil & Gas Solutions unit in 2012. He is committed to supporting TietoEVRY's customers with their operational decisions, resulting in increased production, profitability, and operational excellence.
Aksel Hårstad
Director-Global Sales & Marketing, Oil & Gas
Aksel Hårstad started in TietoEVRY back in 2004. He has been heading up the utility business for many years & started in the oil & gas unit in 2012.As the head of Global Sales & Marketing of Oil&Gas, Aksel is proud to lead a highly customer led organization committed to serve our customers globally.
Jon Alvar Oyasater
COO, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
As the COO of the Oil & Gas Solutions unit in TietoEVRY, Jon Alvar's responsibility is to build and expand global business with solid growth and good profitability. This includes entering new markets and the development of new offerings to secure a competitive edge and market position.
Jarand Rystad
CEO, Rystad Energy
Jarand founded Rystad Energy in 2004. With an extensive experience in oil and gas strategy advisory work, he has led a number of strategy projects for international oil and gas companies . Jarand is, according to Financial Times "one of the most cited petroleum analysts in the industry".
Per Christian Hauge
Director-Continuous Services, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Per Christian is an experienced IT business manager with proven business development and management experience. He has several years of experience in developing and maturing a global IT service organization supporting the oil & gas industry.
Svein Helge Kallevik
CTO, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
As the CTO of TietoEVRY's Oil & Gas solutions unit, Svein Helge has the Product Manager role of Energy Components, including management of the full software lifecycle as well as the responsibility of the global product development organization that develops and maintains the software.
Aleksander Juell
Director-Innovation, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Aleksander is responsible for ensuring that TietoEVRY's portfolio of decision support and optimization solutions, maintains its leading position by utilizing new technological innovations. He has worked extensively in development of new optimization algorithms for the oil & gas industry.
Kristian Brakvatne
Director Oil & Gas Operation Support Solutions
Kristian is heading up TietoEVRY's DaWinci product and corresponding services to customers across more than 40 countries worldwide. He loves to help companies in the global energy industry to manage their logistics and operations safely and efficiently by use of relevant technology.
Phillip F Miller
PO Global EC Enhancement, Chevron
Phillip Miller has been serving businesspeople in Upstream Production Operations for 20 years. He has worked with Energy Components since 2000 and currently serves as the Product Owner for Global EC enhancements and the EC architect at Chevron.
Olav Naerland
Director-Solution Marketing, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Olav leads the solution marketing capabilities of the EC product suite namely EC Upstream Management and EC Midstream Management, that enables oil and gas companies to optimize portfolio-wide ADP and SDS and helps to efficiently plan large and complex pipeline distribution networks respectively.
Morten Carlsen
Senior Advisor System Operation, Gassco
Morten has a M.Sc. degree in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) from 1997. He has 20+ years of experience from the petroleum industry. Carlsen has been the Operational Manager for Gassco Transport Control Centre at Bygnes & currently serves as an advisor for System Operation.
Eli Ottesen
Solution Manager-Upstream, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Eli is an IT specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. She is currently responsible for the roadmap and design of the Energy Components - Production module.
John-Arne Stokkan
Product Owner-Chemistry, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
John-Arne is an oilfield chemistry specialist with extensive experience from field operations. He is responsible for design, advisory and project management for the EC Chemistry and EC Environmental Management plug-ins for EC.

Glimpses from last EC User Forum

About Energy Components (EC)

Energy Components (EC) has been TietoEVRY’s flagship solution for the oil and gas industry since more than three decades. EC is an integrated hydrocarbon management solution which strengthens upstream and midstream businesses by offering fully-integrated functionalities to support hydrocarbon accounting, integrated asset modeling, optimization, forecasting and decision support.

With the experience of installing 600+ licenses in close to 55 countries worldwide, a significant percentage of the world’s production of hydrocarbons is today managed with EC, making it a world-leading solution in this domain.

TietoEVRY has developed the EC product suite in close collaboration with leading companies in the oil and gas industry. Today, more than 100 global oil and gas companies, including all super-majors, are using EC as an industry-standard solution.

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Contact us

Kaare Lunde

Vice President, Oil & Gas Solutions

Date and place

21 - 22.10.2020
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