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Advanced Data Management and Analytics – Oil & Gas DigiConference

25.11.2020 / Dubai, Online
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TietoEVRY is proud to be a Technology Partner at Advanced Data Management and Analytics – Oil & Gas DigiConference, the flagship multidisciplinary technical event in Dubai, UAE.

Intelligent technology adoption and advancement of data storage capabilities have greatly increased the volume and complexity of data collected by oil and gas companies. As data is considered a very valuable asset, unlocking its potential through advanced management and analytics technologies is key to improve efficiency in decision making and productivity for both upstream and downstream sectors as it provides more visibility, critical insight, and real-time information on a company’s multiple assets and complex operations.

However, challenges including data silos, inaccuracy and complexity hinder oil and gas companies from tapping into the full potential of advanced data analytics and solutions.

In lights of this, Advanced Data Management and Analytics – Oil & Gas DigiConference is hosted to shed light on some of the main challenges faced in data management and analytics and explore how advanced technology can help the industry in improving its efficiency and productivity through enabling faster and informed decisions, preventing equipment failure, extending plant lifecycle, and optimising production.

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Oil & Gas Offerings

Energy Components (EC) is an integrated hydrocarbon management solution that strengthens upstream and midstream businesses by offering fully-integrated functionalities.

With more than 30 years of experience, our pioneering software solutions have become the industry standard for many of the world's largest oil and gas companies.

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TietoEVRY is a globally leading provider of personnel logistics, personnel on board (POB) and material logistics management software solutions, designed to accommodate business-critical requirements.

The DaWinci industry Hub solution has been designed to facilitate sharing of transports, one-time data entry and continuous update of personnel details across the oil companies.

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Aleksander Juell
Director-Innovation, Oil & Gas, TietoEVRY
Topic of Presentation: Utilizing advanced analytics to improve upstream operations

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