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Public 360° Digital Summit

Join us for the first Nordic digital user conference.

19.11 - 31.12.2020, Online
Free OnDemand until 31 December

Together. Better Digital Citizen Services

Over 800 customers from the public sector in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have already signed up. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn how our Nordic customers create better digital citizen services. Join this digital conference and learn from the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation, the Municipality of Tromsø in Norway, Trafikkontoret, part of Stockholm stad in Sweden, The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation (NPE) and the Telecommunications Complaint Board in Denmark.

Thank you for being part of the digital summit this year!

If you join the summit, you will learn what is meant by Hyperadoption and Exponential Development, presented by Eirik Norman Hansen. Espen Sjøvoll from the National Archives of Norway will discuss Trust and the archives of the future. And you will learn what our customer NPE think of the use of AI in relation to our services, in the AI panel discussion tomorrow!

You will find the full program below, with over 12 hours of insight tips and tricks sessions too.

Sign up for free and see the summit on-demand until 31 December.

The event is being hosted on a digital platform called Tappin and you will receive an email from on behalf of TietoEVRY with your personalised login information. Note that your username and password should not be forwarded, as this log-in is unique for you.

The summit will be held in english, however we will use subtitles when needed.

WHEN:OnDemand until 31 December.
WHERE: We’re going digital.
HOW: You will receive a sign in link by e-mail

Watch the replay for a limited period until 31 December.

Program highlights

Day one of the summit will focus on product updates, support, and insight tips and tricks.

09:00 - 10:00 Summit 360°

  • Welcome and presentation by Torben Kristensen, Head of Public 360°
  • Product Update by Morten Jensen, Product Lead, Public 360°

10:15 - 11:00 Access 360°

  • Q&A with Torben & Morten
  • Customer interview with Teleankenævnet from Denmark

Anytime - Insight 360°

  • GDPR Update with Knut Bariås and Peter Engelschion from TietoEVRY
  • Service Channel  - how to use it with Kirsten Dahl from TietoEVRY
  • Dispatch and format converter with Frank Jarle Andersen from TietoEVRY

Day two of the summit will focus on the product first strategy and the platform strategy.

09:00 - 10:00 Summit 360°

  • Strategy & Roads ahead by Bent Philipps, Head of Products & Strategy Public 360°and Trond Johansen, Head of Development and Technology Public 360°

  • Trust and the archives of the future by Espen Sjøvoll from The National Archives of Norway

10:15 - 11:00 Access 360°

  • Q&A with Trond & Bent

  • Customer interview with the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (DSS)
  • Customer interview with Tromsø Municipality

Anytime - Insight 360°


  • Future Architecture by Hallgeir Lien Østerbø, SW Architecht,TietoEVRY

  • Integrations with Microsoft Apps by Bjørn Tore Eriksen, Product Manager,  TietoEVRY

  • How you can create your own 360 ° integrations using Power Automate by Pranav Bilurkar, Senior Software Engineer & Tomas Mæsel, Product Manager, TietoEVRY

  • Integrations with Teams by Lisa Olausson, TietoEVRY


  • Digital signing by Panu Kiskola, Product Manager, TietoEVRY

  • eMeetings deep dive by Panu Kiskola, Product Manager, TietoEVRY

  • eServices deep dive by Panu Kiskola, Product Manager, TietoEVRY

  • eManager deep dive by Panu Kiskola, Product Manager, TietoEVRY

Day three of the summit will focus on AI, Archive and Case Management, Plan & Build.

09:00 - 10:00 Summit 360°

  • AI & Case Management Panel discussion, by Bent Philipps, Matti Ristimaki, Simen Myrum from TietoEVRY and Christopher Brandt Husjord from The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation (NPE)

  • Hyperadoption and Exponential Development - The Future is Fantastic by Eirik Norman Hansen

10:15 - 11:00 Access 360°

Anytime - Insight 360°

  • Future of Archive by Willy Koch, Product manager eArchive, TietoEVRY

  • Plan & Build news and insights both in Norwegian and Swedish by Arve Corneliussen, Tone Fjeller, Jenny Felldin & Sandra Wallin, TietoEVRY

  • Archive by design by Bjørn Tore Eriksen, Product Manager, TietoEVRY


Eirik Norman Hansen
Expert in digitization and technology
Eirik is a true and sincere technology optimist. He is interested in what technology means to us as humans, organizations and societies and how this shapes the world now and in the future. His keynote is called; "Hyperadoption and Exponential Development - The Future is Fantastic".
Espen Sjøvoll
Director of The National Archives of Norway
Espen talks about the built-in archive. There are limitations with the traditional approach based on standardization. They launched the vision of a built-in archive to meet the challenges associated with maintaining authenticity through the digitalization that is taking place in the public sector.
Torben Kristensen
Vice President, Head of Public 360°, TietoEVRY
Torben is heading the Public 360° business, and has a long experience with digital transformation from both private and public sector. He is engaging with customers across the Nordics, and is by heart interested in discussing how Public 360° continuously can improve.
Trond Johansen
Head of Technology and Development in Public 360°
His department is responsible for developing, operating and supporting the Public 360° product. Bent & Trond will in their session put focus on the future of the case worker - how a day in the life of a case worker will look like.
Bent Philipps
Head of Products & Strategy in Public 360°
Bent & Trond will in their session put focus on the future of the case worker - how a day in the life of a case worker will look like. Bent will also be represented in the AI panel discussion.
Simen Myrum
Head of Sales for Public 360° in Norway
His team use their experience and energy on offering all the great products and services that the Public 360° unit has to offer. Their goal is to make sure customers get the full value realization. In this summit, Simen will act as a host both to introduce sessions, and in Q&A sessions.
Morten Jensen
Principal Product Manager Public 360°
I will go through a presentation “the past, the present and the future”. Key releases and updates since last years user forums, ongoing development activities and plans for the future development of 360°. Focusing on great examples and live demo.
Kimmo Hannus
Head of Sales and Marketing Public 360°
Kimmo leads sales and customer relationships in Public 360°. He is exited about our customers since they work in critical roles in our society – serving our most important needs and ensuring democracy. Kimmo is father of Public 360° Digital Summit and is exited to hear all customer success stories.
Michelle Cantor
Head of Sales Public 360° Denmark
Michelle will act as the host from our studio in Copenhagen and in a Q&A session with Morten and Torben. Michelle has a team in Denmark which is dedicated to finding the best 360° solution match together with our Danish customers.
Matti Ristimaki
Head of Data and AI
I’m helping you to create business advantage by bridging data and AI technologies with your business strategy. Supporting Nordic organizations in data-driven business transformation, from business advisory to modern cloud data platforms, data pipelines and analytics implementation & maintenance.

Contact us

Torben Kristensen

Head of Public 360° Sales Nordic

Date and place

19.11 - 31.12.2020
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