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The Big Hangout 2019

Building digital experience with Angular. Get connected to Angular talent at the Big Hangout on March 14, 2019.

14.3.2019, Finland

Frontend development spans everywhere from design and UX, through business logic to core infrastructure for security, performance and agile development of complex applications.

Angular touches each part of this ecosystem. At this Angular Finland Big Hangout, you will find top international speakers, tech talks, the business perspective and a full program of inspiring sessions with the Angular Finland community.

Participation fee: EUR 95,00 per person

Book your tickets here.

During The Big Hangout you can:

  • Find out why Angular is one of the leading technologies for building digital experience
  • Get tips and tricks for succeeding in your Angular projects.
  • Meet Google Developer Experts for the inside track on the next big thing in frontend frameworks.
  • Feel inspired to be part of the Javascript boom with the Angular Finland community.


15:00 - Opening words
15:15 - Keynote - Let's Get Your Angular App To React - Sani Yusuf

  • Which feature is the most widespread and the most important for business success, yet so often overlooked in development projects?

15:45 - Digital accessibility as a Mindset - Nadia Törnroos

  • Inclusive design brings benefits for businesses and individuals - not only for people with disabilities. Basic accessibility in digital technologies can be fairly easy to achieve.

16:15 - Break

16:45 - Thinking in Web Components - Akseli Virtanen

  • Web Components have finally arrived and in Angular Elements we have the perfect toolkit. But why should you care?

17:15 - Finding the Right Path from AngularJS to Angular - Sam Julien

  • A walk-through of the key decision points on the journey from AngularJS to modern Angular.

17:45 - Buffering…

18:00 - Dinner

18:45 - Achieving performance in heavy applications with Angular and WebAssembly – Salar Kaboli

  • Let's build an application called "Game of Life" using best parts of Angular and WebAssembly. Game of Life has heavy calculations that can be too much for JavaScript to tackle alone.

19:00 - Manage the most dynamic user interfaces with RxJS and Angular - Michael Hladky

  • The web has changed a lot in recent years. We're building applications that must offer highly interactive user experiences while communicating with a smart, rich-data back end or cloud computing infrastructure. RxJS brings to Angular an elegant way to meet this new demand.

19:30 - Frictionless breaking changes migration with `ng update` and Schematics - Stanimira Vlaeva

  • When a new version hits, we all love the new features and better performance. But who loves the breaking changes? Answer: Angular CLI and ngUpdate!

20:00 - Wrapup

20:30 - Afterparty - Gofore

  • The bus to the afterparty hosted by Gofore will leave from the main entrance of Tieto around 20:30 or when we finish wrapping up. Time to have fun!


You can find background information on speakers here.


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