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SIAM: Integrating customer IT ecosystem for digital business with intelligence

Transform your service management to the next level with our industry-leading SIAM practices and get better control, increased transparency, and reduced cost by 20%.

SIAM in every IT Ecosystem

We are the one trusted SIAM partner to harmonize practicalities in your IT ecosystem, improve your business continuity, and end-to-end quality of your IT services.

You will have capabilities to support the business digitalization and to enable business growth. We will take your Service Management to the next level and establish a business-driven IT ecosystem where IT focuses on supporting the business instead of spending most of its time with suppliers.
Savings in run costs are a must; IT’s focus on spending needs to be in development.

With our productized and customer’s KPI driven SIAM services we transform, integrate, and manage your business-driven IT Ecosystem as a Service. With our SIAM Tool Solutions, we provide a "single source of truth“ for IT Service Management with capabilities in IT and beyond.

Veli Pirttiaho

Head of SIAM Services, Tietoevry Connect

What is your need?

Enable business driven way-of-working

Develop your IT capabilities to adapt fast to mergers, acquisitions, and changes in business landscape. With our SIAM approach, we provide advisory and leadership to your service management transformation.

Jump to the next level of maturity in service management

We will orchestrate IT processes, services, and service providers on behalf of your IT organization as well as manage and govern multi-vendor challenges in your IT ecosystem. With our best-in-industry service management, powered by our skilled SIAM certified professionals, we make multiple suppliers collaborate effectively in a uniform and transparent way while your organization will be able to focus on your core business and business’s needs.

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Enterprise service management beyond IT

Deliver strategic business objectives supported by workflow automation for IT and non-IT service deliveries. Transform traditional IT service management to enterprise level based on our industry leading ServiceNow capabilities.

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SIAM in depth

Integrating customer IT ecosystem for digital business with intelligence

TietoEVRY SIAM extends the service management beyond the classical process-oriented model, into managing your ecosystem as a whole. Want to know how?

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