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Shape the future from Sweden

Your office - Sweden. Your impact - the world.

The way that we operate and organize ourselves brings us close to our customers and our employees. This allows us to deliver large scale projects to some of the Nordic region’s largest companies, as well as specific solutions to some of the smallest. This, in turn, creates a variety of assignments, which makes our workday dynamic and exciting.

Our local proximity allows us to get to know our customers first-hand and provide you with a friendly commuting experience and a considered office environment, making us fast-paced and flexible - both from a business and people perspective.

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Graduate program

Graduate Program

Would you like to start your career at the leading Nordic digital services company? You'll become part of a community of young professionals passionate about shaping the future.

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Key Facts


Employees in Sweden.


Some of our offices: Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Skellefteå, Umeå, Luleå, Sundsvall, Karlstad, Kalmar, Jönköping, Borås.

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Did you know?

In December 2015 were the first IT-company certified by EDGE for our work in gender equality. *

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Time to figure out why many of Sweden’s current digital solutions fail to include all its citizens! We’re joining #witswe2021, and we want you to join us in finding the way to make sure Sweden’s digital solutions become more inclusive. More to come soon!

tietoevryse 18 Feb

Har du hunnit ansöka till vårt Graduateprogram?🤗 Om du vill arbeta för en av de största techbolagen i Norden, ansök nu innan det är för sent!😮👏🏼 Länk i bio.

tietoevryse 04 Feb

Tack för att du sprider mer ❤️ på nätet @glasclara 💛 ”I betalt samarbete med @tietoevryse och @stiftelsenfriends. Den som följer mig slaviskt vet att jag på senaste tiden uttryckt att jag inte längre vill vara lika aktivistisk. Eller, vill är ju fel ord. Jag pallar inte. Man får så jäkla mycket skit. Och ibland handlar det inte ens om att man uttryckt en åsikt kring nåt man brinner för, där andra inte håller med - ibland får man hat och hån bara för att man... är. För den man är. Det gör ont. Jag tror många känner igen sig. Visst? @tietoevryse och @stiftelsenfriends vill öka medvetenheten om nätmobbning och har därför tagit fram ett typsnitt som känner igen elaka ord och fraser, och byter ut dem mot snällare alternativ. Testa The Polite Type, på ! Och sen sprider ni det vidare till alla ni känner. Uppfattat? Bra. #thepolitetype ”

tietoevryse 31 Dec

Meet our people

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Friends @TietoEVRY

Friends @TietoEVRY

Found the job you came for? Great! We’ll get in touch soon! Can’t find an available position? Let us help you. Whether we can provide you with the last few pieces of the ‘do I want to work for TietoEVRY?’ puzzle, or simply keep you updated on job openings, Friends of TietoEVRY is the community to join. Tailor your interests and receive crisp updates, putting you one step closer to a career with us.

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* This certificate was originally issued to Tieto Sweden AB whose data and information were the subject of the EDGE certification audit during the indicated Reference Period. Any changes in organizational data and information relevant to EDGE certification, including anything affecting certification status, will be the subject of assessment, audit and verification upon expiry of this certificate and recertification.
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