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Shape the future from Norway

Your office - Norway. Your impact - the world.

The way that we operate and organize ourselves brings us close to our customers and our employees. This allows us to deliver large scale projects to some of the Nordic region’s largest companies, as well as specific solutions to some of the smallest. This, in turn, creates a variety of assignments, which makes our workday dynamic and exciting.

Our local proximity allows us to get to know our customers first-hand and provide you with a friendly commuting experience and a considered office environment, making us fast-paced and flexible - both from a business and people perspective.

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In the spotlight

TietoEVRY named among Norway's dream employers

Diversity, openness, opportunity and safety: all are key virtues of organizations vying to scoop a coveted Universum award. Which is why we are delighted to again be among the few companies in Norway to be awarded “Top in Industry” this year. For Anna Gulliksen, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, our success reflects not only the company’s healthy culture but also the opportunities for personal development and working with big, exciting cases.

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Key Facts


Employees in Norway.


Some of our offices in Norway: Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Mo i Rana, Stavanger, Brumunddal, Ski, Porsgrunn, Molde, Haugesund.

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Did you know?

Svippr, Norway's easiest taxi booking service, is powered by us.

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#worldenvironmentday Frukt og bær er avhengig av pollinering fra biene!🍎🍐🍓🍒 Bier og andre insekter minsker drastisk i antall verden over...😭 Noe som kan få store konsekvenser for matproduksjonen vår.🙅🏼 I fjor startet vi et felles prosjekt for å digitalisere bikuber og hjelpe bestanden av bier ved å støtte #biologiskmangfold 🐝🍯

tietoevryno 05 Jun

Selv om dagen kanskje ikke ble helt som planlagt, håper vi alle får en super feiring🇳🇴🎂 Enten om du feirer sammen med andre eller alene - digitalt eller ikke🤖 GRATULERER med dagen alle sammen🎈🍦🌭 #techhelp#nationalday #technationalday

tietoevryno 17 May

KONKURRANSE🏆: Vi er i gang med en litt annerledes FØRST 2020 (Norges viktigste fagforum for brukere av Unit4 og andre ERP løsninger innenfor økonomi, regnskap, lønn og HR) Selv om vi ikke kunne møtes fysisk stopper ikke det oss! Vi bruker teknologien til vår fordel og FØRST ble i år helt digitalt. I dag startet vi med et forrykende morgenshow med latter, gledespuls og inspirasjon. Dagens viktigste leksjon fra Øystein Pettersen: Ikke outsource din egen utvikling.☝🏻Utfordring til alle: skriv en egenskap du er stolt over på et ark, legg ut på Instagram med hashtag #FØRST2020. Vi trekker en heldig vinner av et par AirPods torsdag 14 mai kl 14.00😀🎉🎁

tietoevryno 11 May

Meet our people

Will virtual assistants become a vital part of the future?

You have almost certainly talked to one at some point. You know, that little voice on your phone or smart speaker that you trigger by saying something like “Hey Alexa” or “Okay Google”. Since Apple introduced Siri on iPhone 4S in 2011 the use of virtual assistants (VA’s) has grown exponentially.

Rea Even's story

To harvest value from data you must share your secrets first

Some organizations believe that they are best equipped to resolve all issues and problems by themselves. However, organizations have been shown to benefit from sharing data by participating in ecosystems, gaining an additional competitive advantage while driving innovation and growth. These exceptional times provide a great opportunity to closely examine how ecosystems can benefit your business.

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