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Trainee (Fixed Term) (Trainee)

Application and Product Development

19 February 2021 - 09 March 2021

Product Development Services

Junior Software Developer/Tester for Tieto Programming Incubator

Tieto Programming Incubator program is a great opportunity to start your professional career in IT world. Tieto is providing 2 months’ course, where you will have a unique chance to develop your programming skills.

We’re looking for highly motivated people that are ready to learn C/C++ and telecommunication. If you have a strong interest in software development/testing and you’re a fast learner – you’re the player, we are looking for.

Tieto Programming Incubator is an intensive training and unique opportunity to gain knowledge about software development. You can actively take part in
a journey in new modern world!

During TIETO incubator:

  • you’ll learn how to build features – apps are all about features 😊
  • you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and resolve bugs – no matter how good programmer you become, you will still encounter bugs and errors in your code – it’s all about the maintenance!
  • you’ll learn how to program in a team – working in a team presents unique sets of challenges that is different from you working on your own
  • you’ll also learn that programming is hard, and you’ll learn that it takes effort and hard work to be good at programming
  • you’ll meet amazing people from all walks of life who will inspire you to do better
  • you’ll learn enough to kick start your lifelong journey as a programmer
  • you’ll learn Radio technology and software development

If you:

  • have basic knowledge of C, Linux or testing methodology
  • are willing to learn Radio technology,
  • have communicative English,
  • are active team player,
  • have good communication skills,
  • want to learn new things.

We want to invest in your development. You will get paid during the whole course and will have a chance to develop your programming skills.

Your availability: 8 weeks (for the duration of the Academy/Incubator program).

Program starts on 12th April 2021.


About TietoEVRY

Welcome to an exciting journey. TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and societies. We are a leading digital services and software company with local presence and global capabilities. Nordic values and heritage are the foundation of TietoEVRY success. Let's build a brighter future. Together

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