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28 October 2021 - 09 December 2021

Financial Services Solutions

Are you our new Lead Engineer for "The Next Generation Core Banking"?

Imagine a world without electricity. Modern life would be impossible. We have come to a point where we are dependent on it. Just as the NX Core Banking system. As electricity is the energy infrastructure, we provide the banking infrastructure of the Norwegian society. NX Core delivers the core system and critical banking products to many banks in Norway. Personal accounts, interest rates and millions of financial transactions every day, is in our hands. It’s a challenging journey, but together we will empower the banking industry in the Nordics and beyond. 

Join us and be part of the journey. 

The Next Generation Core Banking

We are launching the next generation Core Banking as part of our Banking as a Service (BAAS) offering. Our solution is based on modern technology, microservice architecture principles as defined by the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN). Core banking includes solutions for deposits, credit, ledger and reporting. We take pride in ensuring our services are running 24/7. 

In NX Core we are about 150 people, organized in 14 cross-functional squads across three international locations. Together, we aim to become a high performing DevOps unit according to the DORA Capability framework. We are now looking for a Lead Engineer that will take a leading role in identifying and implementing the organizational and technical changes necessary for continuously improving in this direction.

Who are you?  

The Lead Engineer will be responsible for our technology vision and strategy.

  • You have a technical/software architecture background and a strong interest in working with autonomous teams to ensure a loosely coupled architecture
  • You have experience from DevOps, preferably practical experience with transitions to DevOps and/or DORA Framework
  • You are knowledgeable about automated testing and deploy pipelines in complex multi-team environments
  • You are a strong communicator and able to discuss both technical challenges and related processes of organizational change with developers and leaders at various levels in the organization.
  • You aspire to be a transformational leader that drives higher software delivery and organizational performance. You act as a facilitatorcoach and mentor and will build consensus and above all inspire

Our Goals in NX Core

Together with the squads and leader team, the Lead Engineer will help us to achieve the following goals: 

  • To be ambitious, innovative, and brave in our approach to building software products 
  • Create a modern, industry-leading technology base for our development teams to make use of 
  • Build elite performer DevOps teams by developing existing talent and recruiting new talent
  • Balance autonomy and alignment in squads, while maturing technical practices, including continuous delivery, and climbing rapidly up the DORA Capability Framework.

Some key responsibilities

  • Guide the creation and evolution of the architecture of the solution that the team is working on
  • Understand existing enterprise assets
  • Encourage good design and refactoring to minimize technical debt
  • Facilitate the right architectural and technical decisions
  • Lead the architecture envisioning effort in NX Core and represent NX Core in architecture fora on “Banking as a service (BaaS)”-level, collaborating with other units contributing to BaaS deliveries.

What we offer

  • Good opportunities for career progression 
  • Engaged, open and curios teams and colleagues
  • Work remote or at our Fornebu office (delicious food and beautiful scenery)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Learning environment with biweekly inspirational talks and learning communities
  • Social communities endorsed by us includes golf, football, beer and wine clubs, arts, gaming and even fly fishing
  • Good insurance and pension schemes

Do you have any of the traits that we’re looking for?
We are looking forward to read your application


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