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Junior Unix/Linux administrátor



Technical and Functional Expertise

02 October 2020 - 30 January 2021

Cloud & Infra

With us you will be responsible for:

  • you will be able to manage virtual servers
  • you will know a lot of new tools - ServiceNow, Monitoring Tools….
  • solve user requirements
  • install updates, manage backups
  • create automation scripts
  • Disaster recovery management

We expect you to have:

It's easy: whoever has the desire to learn and he likes it because IT is fun

As our colleague you should have a basic knowledge of Unix / Linux server administration (or you play with CentOS, RedHat at home), if you are scripting at home, this is also useful and you will learn everything else with us…

And as a member of our team, you must definitely have these two abilities:

  • speak English.

Because you will communicate with other colleagues from Finland, Sweden, Poland or India. No way out.

  • to communicate with colleagues.

Somewhere they call it "team spirit". We call it "share experiences, help each other, want to work and see results".


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